Person of Interest 4×08 spoilers: Martine tracks a member of the team & Sarah Shahi said what about Root?

by Sarah Jones
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We have to admit, while we’ve been thoroughly enjoying this season of Person of Interest, we’re terrified by key Samaritan operative Martine. She’s quick and efficient at what she does, which has us seriously worried for the POI team with their great enemy now online.

Well, she’s back in tomorrow’s episode and it seems that she’s on the trail of one of the team members. Could it be Shaw after her adventures in last week’s episode?

Meanwhile, Sarah Shahi has been talking her role on the show and her character’s relationship with Root. So head inside for all the latest…

Tomorrow’s episode is entitled ‘Point of Origin’ and will see Reese volunteer as an NYPD police academy instructor when the team are tracking their latest POI (let’s hope they don’t ask him questions about firing weapons!).

However, the talented young officer Reese is keeping an eye on is acting suspicious causing John to question her actions, is she the victim or the culprit?

Meanwhile, Martine is back and she’s armed with new information from Samaritan itself, tracking down one of the team’s members. Will she be successful?

Point of Origin

Sarah Shahi has been talking what’s to come to TVLine describing Martine as “the terminator for Samaritan” and how each episode sees their biggest enemy gaining more power.

While the actress also talked Shaw’s relationship with Root to IGN claiming that while her character had a brief love interest in last week’s POI, she feels that Shaw’s number 1 will “always be Root”.

She discussed how she loves working with Amy Acker who plays Root and how they laugh at their unspoken relationship. While their relationship may seem more playful teasing so far, Shahi remarked on how she did “girl on girl” for 2 seasons of The L Word, so the writers couldn’t surprise her!

Point of Origin

Have you been watching Person of Interest? Will Shaw and Root ever get together? Have your say below..

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