Person of Interest 4×10 PREVIEW: Samaritan shows its power & Emrhys Cooper talks playing a young Greer!

by Sarah Jones
The Cold War

The Cold War

The drama in Person of Interest is about to kick up a notch – as Tuesday marks the beginning of a three part trilogy.

The team have been working on the down low this season, having different identities and cover jobs in an attempt to stay off Samaritan’s radar. However, with the numbers still rolling in and the likes of Dominic and The Brotherhood roaming the streets of New York City, keeping their heads down in a city with a very high crime rate has proved to be very difficult.

In tomorrow’s episode, which is entitled ‘The Cold War’ Reese, Finch, Shaw and Root will find themselves in danger like they’ve never known before and we have more from our chat with Emrhys Cooper, who will make his debut as the young John Greer.

Samaritan is set to show its true power, as it takes control of New York City for 48 hours. All this is in an attempt to lure The Machine out of hiding, but will it work?

In the epic promo, which you can view in full below, there’s train and power outages galore and Shaw asks the question “aren’t we supposed to be lives here?”. The show are certainly going all out as there’s gun fights, explosions the lot. We just can’t wait to see what’s in store!

The Cold War

Alongside all these exciting events taking place in the present day, we’re set for a peek into baddie John Greer’s past, as the show delves into how the former MI6 agent cracked the cold war. We got the chance to speak to Emrhys Cooper last month and now we have some further scoop on what we can expect from his role.

“He’s fighting for the right cause. He’s lost his trust in humanity due to fear and he feels like he’s doing the right thing. I don’t feel that he’s driven by money just due to fear and power. I think most people in life are either driven by love or fear.” Cooper revealed to us.

The Cold War

Are you excited for this 3 part trilogy? or are you as nervous as we are? Let us know in the comments below…

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