Person of Interest 4×11 spoilers: Will ANYONE make it out alive? Samaritan strikes AGAIN!

by Sarah Jones
Point of Origin

The Cold War

Person of Interest will return on January 6th with the second part of the epic trilogy of episodes, which sees Team Machine continue their battle against Samaritan.

In the latest installment, Samaritan really flexed their muscles when they cleaned up crime on the streets one minute, then caused absolute havoc the next. With there being shootings, stabbings and MANY unsavory incidents. This all being to draw The Machine out and it worked, who could forget Root’s meeting with that creepy (and BRILLIANT) kid?

At the end of the episode, we saw The Machine lead Root to the NYSE and now, the synopsis for 4×11 hints just a little more on what’s to come for Finch and co…

Samaritan is set to launch a cyber attack on the Stock Exchange and there will be no hiding for Team Machine, as they risk their lives to stop what is described as a “global catastrophe”.

“If Then Else” has one heck of a dramatic promo, which you can view in full below. Both Finch and Reese are shown to be shot and the promo’s tagline “will anyone get out alive?” has us just a tiny bit worried.

The Cold War

Recently, Amy Acker who plays Root on the sci-fi hit spoke to Zap2it about what we can expect when the show returns and she has teased that this episode is definitely the ‘most dangerous’. The actress goes onto claim there has never been a POI like this one!

Are our worries justified? Well, Acker claims that everyone is in danger but interestingly talks about how what occurs in the episode will effect everything as the show goes forward this season. Can Team Machine really beat Samaritan with all the odds stacked against them?

person of interest

Have you been enjoying the show? Are you worried for Team Machine? Let us know in the comments below…

Sarah Jones

Sarah loves US TV and comic books alongside being a huge Black Canary fan. Her favorite shows are Arrow, The Flash, Person of Interest, Pretty Little Liars and NCIS.

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  1. Ina sechrest on January 13, 2015 at 3:09 am

    I really am enjoying, Person of Interest. The Machine must beat Samaritan. People are entertained, and most people idealize that good beats evil. It would be very disappointing and unfulfilling to have any other outcome. The world currently appears to be filled with evil. We turn to our entertainment to be assured that good will win over evil.

    The crested characters are rightious and comics land that is what draws near back. John’s Clark Kent persona. Finch’s integrity.

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