Person of Interest spoilers: The fight against Samaritan escalates & Elias in danger?

by Sarah Jones
person of interest

Point of Origin

Person of Interest has had us on the edge of our seat this season but in the last episode, ‘Point of Origin’ things really did kick up a notch. Not only did the POI team figure out just who the elusive Dominic was, Martine also found Shaw working in her cover job.

Dominic is eager to take down Elias, and even though we could see Elias being in danger, it was still a shock to see Harold put his picture up on the board as their latest number. In next week’s episode, it seems Reese and Finch will be tasked with protecting him alongside his right hand man.

In the promo for ‘The Devil You Know’, which you can view in full below, it seems like those eager to see Root swoop in after Martine opened fire will get their wish granted. Has The Machine sent her to rescue Shaw? It’s been confirmed that the pair are going to have a disagreement in regards to how to handle the latest threat from Samaritan.

However, for all you Root/Shaw fans out there (and we know there are many!) expect to see the pair together a lot in this episode. Previously, Sarah Shahi teased to TVLine that there would be ‘a lot of chicks on bikes’.

The Devil You Know

Meanwhile, on the other side of the POI spectrum, Reese and Finch will be stuck smack bang in the middle of a raging gang war, as the power struggle for the city’s gangs springs into life. Of course, viewers will know that Dominic and the Brotherhood are trying to take control but Elias is still very much in charge of proceedings.

With Elias being their latest number, Reese and Finch will be tasked with trying to stop the war before there’s blood shed. It’s fantastic how Person of Interest poses a moral dilemma to the viewer; Elias is a bad guy but you find yourself rooting for the lesser of the two evils!

The Devil You Know

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  1. glorie on November 20, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    Okay I’ll watch but only because Root is in promo. Will she be also in the next episode? And the episode after that and after that? I don’t know but I don’t really like how they treat their second female lead.

  2. BlueFinch on November 20, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    I have no issue with Root. She is one of the prime examples trying to attain what most of the characters have been searching for in POI since day 1, redemption. All the characters in one way or another have made themselves a better person, with Samantha Groves traveling the farthest along that road. So how can you say you don’t like how they treat their second female lead? Root has never been in every ep since the first day way back in season one when she kidnapped Finch. To see her now working side by side with the man she once terrorized is nothing short of amazing. You should be praising the show not condemning it because she is not in every episode.

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