Person Of Interest returns to Channel 5 with David Zayas – ‘Super’ spoilers & preview clip

David Zayas

Person Of Interest returns to Channel 5 this Sunday, for the second half of the first season, after a mid-series break.

The crime drama series from JJ Abrams, the man behind ‘Lost’ centres around an ex special agent who finds himself hired by a reclusive billionaire with access to some very privileged information. His MO is to stop crimes before they occur.

In this latest instalment, titled ‘Super’ Reese recovers from being shot, holing himself up in a rented apartment and during his time in his temporary home, the Machine informs him that one of the building’s other tenants is in danger.

Elsewhere, Detective Carter is being followed and watched by the CIA, as they suspect her of being behind Reese’s escape.

The episode guest star is David Zayas better known as Angel from Dexter.

Sunday, 9PM, Channel 5

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