Pete Firman and Mel Giedroyc dress as massive bananas on BBC’s The Magicians

by Lisa McGarry

The third episode of BBC One’s The Magicians aired on Saturday, 21st January, with another spectacular show.

Presented by Darren McMullen, the third of six episodes saw Pete Firman joined by Great British Bake Off presenter, Mel Giedroyc. For their live grand illusion they created a spectacular floor show. A random member of the studio audience was asked to choose and write down a piece of fruit. Pete and Mel were then revealed to be dressed as giant Bananas before a chorus line of girls appeared on stage too. Sadly their prediction was wrong but the pair rectified the error and revealed the correct piece of fruit.

Their location grand illusion was a take on Houdini’s walking through a brick wall trick, only this time Pete managed to walk through a great wall of baked beans at a supermarket in Peacehaven.

Sadly for Mel and Pete the votes weren’t in their favour and the celebrity and magician pair had to have thick skin as they faced the terrifying forfeit.

Pete and Mel were asked to lie down on a bed of thousands of six inch steel nails before a second bed of nails was forced down on top of them. If that were not enough members of the studio audience were then given the opportunity to walk across the nail sandwich. In total six audience members, as well as David Haye and presenter Darren McMullen, walked over the pair and miraculously by the time the top bed of nails was removed Mel and Pete were still in one piece and smiling.

Mel said, “I am not going to lie, that was, apart from giving birth, the most painful experience of my life. That was unbelievable. I probably won’t be doing magic any time soon, I’ll give it a wide birth just for the moment and then like a trooper I will jump back on the magic pony. But not if it’s got anything to do with nails.”