Pharrell Williams reveals how he copes when he experiences a creative block

by Martin
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American singer-songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams has had incredible amount of success over the past few years, both as a solo artist and while collaborating with others.

And after releasing his solo album ‘G I R L’ earlier this year, the performer took to the stage at various festivals and embarked on his own tour, which saw him visit the UK a handful of times.

However, though Pharrell is a prolific and accomplished writer, he’s revealed that even he is subject to the vagaries of writer’s block from time to time, and this week, he’s spoken out about it in a new interview, during which he explained how he deals with it.

Speaking with Variety magazine, the hitmaker explained that if he ever hits a roadblock while he’s writing, he likes to try something different.

“The human mind is literally an antenna, it picks up waves and transmissions from the ultimate source, from the ether,” he explained.

He added: “Being blocked just means you’re aiming for the same thing as before. Your mind is saying, ‘there’s no more here.”

Pharrell added that while you can “dig deeper” with a subject, he would rather “hit the reset” button and look at it in a completely different way.

Pharrell Williams at Radio 1's Big Weekend (© BBC)

Pharrell Williams at Radio 1’s Big Weekend (© BBC)

Williams added: “Maybe the vantage point with which you were looking at the song or the track was just so acute that it didn’t allow you to see inside the room.”

Yesterday (3rd December) it was confirmed that Pharrell Williams would be joining headliners Fleetwood Mac at the 2015 Isle Of Wight Festival.

The ‘Happy’ superstar will be joining a line-up which also features the likes of The Prodigy and US duo The Black Keys.

Have you ever encountered writer’s block? How do you go about getting by the wall once you’ve hit it? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below.

Pharrell at the Big Weekend (© BBC)

Pharrell at the Big Weekend (© BBC)