Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Richard Madeley


Having interviewed some of the world’s best-known names, Piers Morgan turns his hand to his very own biographical talk show, in which he will grill some of the country’s biggest celebrity names about their amazing lives in the public eye.

In the final show of this highly rating six part series, Piers Morgan interviews Richard Madeley, journalist, presenter and one half of the popular TV duo Richard and Judy.

In this intimate and revealing hour long interview, filmed entirely in front of a studio audience, Richard reveals having a ‘comic image’ attached to him is detracting from his journalistic capabilities, discusses if it’s true that Judy would have left the ‘stresses’ of television years ago if not for Richard and if he believes he is a TV heart-throb.

He also discusses, in depth, the incident when he was accused of shoplifting and the effect it had on his and his family’s life and also describes the times when his father would beat him in his youth. He also discusses if there are plans for Judy and he to continue to work together in the future.

The programme also includes filmed contributions friends and family including wife Judy, son Jack and daughter Chloe and sister Liz Lawrence.

Piers asks: “Does that bother you because I know you are serious about your work and your journalistic background?”

Richard answers: “I don’t take myself remotely seriously and I know you’ve spoken to various people from my past and my family and I don’t know what they’ve said. I just hope nobody said ‘Oh, he’s a bit up himself’ because I’m really not. I don’t think you can be in the public eye and take yourself seriously. If you do you’re going to come a cropper because every contract for any presenter on TV or any public figure signs has what I call invisible clause three – they will take the p*ss. You’ve got to be prepared for that or get used to it.”

Piers says: “Do you mind when people liken you let’s say to Alan Partridge.

Richard replies: “The very first time that happened I thought, really am I that cr*p?”

Piers asks: “Are you very thick skinned?”

Richard replies: “Well you learn not to take it too seriously; I’ve had some horrible things written about me, really unpleasant. I remember seeing a headline Richard Madeley’s so vain that if he was a chocolate he’d eat himself. I don’t think I am vain.”

Piers replies: “Oh come on, colleagues have said throughout your career that you are very self aware about the way you look.”

Richard says: “They’re entitles to that view but I don’t think I am. I’ve read pieces where they say that say I cant pass a reflective surface without stopping to check. I don’t walk around looking in mirrors, if Judy were here she’d tell you that [pointing to his picture] is the quintessential demented parrot look, I mean look at that nose, and the stupid, slitty mouth. I mean I cant watch myself on television.”

And on discussing his marriage prior to Judy, Piers says: “You married two women older than you, there’s a pattern to your work Richard.”

Richard says: “Yes you could say there’s a pattern but its a coincidental. One, because I’ve been out with girls younger than me, the same age. It’s just one of those weird things. I was very lonely and I think I clung to her (his first wife) and we lived together for a while and then we got married. I pushed for it, and then dad died and in any marriage that would have been a very bad start and it became clear to both of us that we weren’t suited at all and things started to fall apart.”

Later in the show Piers says: “What was your instant reaction to Judy, cos she was an absolute knockout.”

Richard says: “Still is – she was a hotty. Judy’s always been lovely.”

Sunday, 5 April 2009, 10:00PM – 11:00PM ITV1