Pink talks being female in the music industry and proving herself

by Martin


Pop superstar Pink isn’t one to shy away from the truth or to speak her mind and the singer recently sat down with an interview with Billboard.

Yesterday we shared the news where Pink confessed that it took her quite some time to get Nate Ruess quite some time to agree to do a duet with her.

Pink didn’t just discuss that duet however. She also spoke in detail about what it’s like to be a female in an industry that is dominated by males.

The ‘Try’ star explained how women are paving the way and how she enjoys pushing boundaries among such strong company.


She said: “What does it feel like to be a woman in music today… […] It’s never been a disadvantage for me. I love being a woman. I love women in music—I love the whole idea of it, I love the cycle of it, I love the different decades of it.”

“One of my greatest advantages was just being myself when I first came out. And then being so polar opposite of every other female that was happening at that moment.”

“I think it’s incredible women are running sh*t. There’s not really any males that are at the level of the Beyoncés and the Katy Perrys, except maybe Justin Timberlake. I can’t really think of anybody else.”

She added: “So it’s really fun to see women just stomp sh*t, drop the microphone and leave. They just keep doing it and I love watching it. And I love what I’ve been able to do, too.”

Pink 2

Pink also discussed her career and how she feels that all her hard work has paid off over the years: “If you’re around long enough to have major failures and major success, it’s all good.”

“The roller coaster of it at the end is all good. And I look back and I’m like, “Yeah, I’ve been around, for a pop person, a while.” And it has been a roller coaster and it’s all good.”

She continued: “I’ve proven myself as a performer and a touring person. As far as winning a popularity contest or any of the other sh*t, or being a radio darling and all that, probably not.”

“[It’s] probably never going to happen for me, but that’s OK. Because I can tour for the rest of my life—and I do it well.”

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