Pink talks Dallas Green project ‘You + Me’ & songwriting snub!

by Martin
You + Me
You + Me consisting of Pink and Dallas Green

You + Me consisting of Pink and Dallas Green

American songstress Pink has joined forces with Dallas Green to create folk duo ‘You + Me’ and they’ve recently released their debut album ‘Rose Ave.’

The singer recently spoke about the new project and revealed that while the sound is different she was confident her fans would be open to the new style and so far, so good.

Chatting to The Guardian Pink admitted that the change in musical style didn’t feel like too drastic a departure for her, as she often includes quieter and acoustic sections in her live shows.

Pink explained: “In the same concerts where I’m flying around, I’m always barefoot and sitting with an acoustic guitar too. In every show, I do an acoustic section, so it’s a very big part of me.”

You + Me

The singer also admitted that – despite her new music and song writing connections – she doesn’t feel respected as a songwriter and it’s always been that way since she released ‘Mizzundaztood’.

She explained that songwriter Linda Perry told her that as a pop star, even though you’re writing all your own songs, you’re never going to get the credit for it.

In the same interview the performer also confessed that she chooses not to live a life of fear or exist by being concerned about what others will say about her.

you + me 2

“You can do anything and there will be someone who doesn’t like it – because that’s the way the world is now.” adding that people have lost their manners,” she revealed, adding:

“The world is a jaded, scary place and, as a mum of a little girl, it’s even more apparent to me.”

What do you think of Pink’s new project with Dallas Green? Is it a welcome change? Is it nice to see her going down a different route entirely for now? Let us know in the comments below.

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