Pixie Lott comments on being a female in the music industry and her comeback

by Martin
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Pixie Lott is the latest female to comment on being female in the music industry but that’s not a bad thing afterall she’s entitled to her opinion.

In particular the singer focused on the pressure for other female artists to take their clothes off but admitted she would never “go to extremes”.

Pixie Lott spoke with You magazine and confessed that she’s never felt the need to change her appearance to try and fit in with others.

She also discussed how she has always been given the opportunity to experiment with what she wears without feeling like she has to strip down to her underwear to boost sales of a record.

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She said: “I’ve never felt pressured to dress a certain way… I think each to their own, fair enough. Maybe Ellie (Goulding) was experimenting with fashion.”

“I’ve definitely done videos that are more raunchy than others just because of what the song is about.”

The beauty also opened up about her absence from the music scene and making her return. She also discussed her third album but isn’t in a hurry to get back into the charts:

“I feel if you have a voice, like Lily Allen or Joss Stone, you can come back at any time.”

Pixie Lott album

“I would love to do a collaboration that’s purely me. I think if I had to do it now the clothes would have a ‘60s vibe. But it takes time because you have to do the sketches. Music comes first.”

In November 2013 Pixie Lott confirmed that her third studio album will be self titled (album art above) and the first single from ‘Pixie Lott’ will be called ‘Nasty’.

Pixie Lott also recently covered the 17 year old Lorde’s smash hit ‘Royals’ live at The Pool studios in London which you can check out below.

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  1. esther on January 7, 2014 at 4:47 am

    pixie lott is young,vibrant, healthy and stylish. she just needs to be herself and that is enough. looking forward to her new album and good luck!

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