Pixie Lott releases official video for her new single ‘Nasty’

by Martin
Pixie Lott Nasty 3

Pixie Lott Nasty 2

Pixie Lott is well and truly back. After a short absence away from music the singer has returned with her new single ‘Nasty’ which she performed last week at ‘The Brits Are Coming’ on ITV 1.

‘Nasty’ is being released as the first single from her third studio album which is self titled and scheduled to be released on the 10th of March.

As with most music videos these days we’re treated to a preview clip weeks before the official release and that’s exactly what we got.

The video (which of course you can see at the bottom of this page) sees Pixie Lott in a nightclub as she sings and dances seductively to the track.

Pixie Lott Nasty

The singer is also seen naked in the video with just a bag covering her chest though the rest of the video she is more or less fully clothed.

Pixie Lott recently spoke about the inspiration behind her writing and used her boyfriend as an example as it helps her songwriting come from the heart.

Speaking with the Metro the beauty commented: “It’s my first time writing from the actual experience of being in a relationship. It has really helped,”

“I can relate to every aspect of what I’m singing – the good times and the bad times. I love writing about things that I experience. It makes songs greater,”

Pixie Lott Nasty 3

Pixie also spoke prior to her performance on ‘The Brits Are Coming’ last week and said: ”A few other singers had recorded it and Christina was one of them so everyone wanted this song.”

“When I heard other singers had done it I thought “I need to get this!””

“It was a difficult song to get because there are so many old-school samples on it, like James Brown, that are hard to clear copyright on. But I got it and now it is my new single.”

Watch the official video for ‘Nasty’ and leave your comments below.