Pixie Lott talks fellow performer Ed Sheeran and her family’s Christmas traditions

by Martin
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Pop beauty Pixie Lott is currently taking part in BBC’s Saturday night dancing show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and is amazing us all every week with her ballroom skills.

However, while talking all things music and dance this week, the songstress has spoken out about fellow singer Ed Sheeran, and in particular his music video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ but what did she have to say about it?

The video features Sheeran dancing, which is  something we’re not used to seeing from the British musician, and to be honest, he’d never struck us as the dancing type…

However, in the video, we see a stunning woman dancing with Ed, and it seems that many a female, Pixie Lott included, wishes the lady in question had actually been them!

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The songstress admitted that when she first saw the video, she was left very impressed by his dancing skills.

“Oh, my God! I love his video. I was mind-blown when I saw it. I think he’s so cool that he did that,” she explained.

She added: “He obviously worked really hard and that dance is just so beautiful. Obviously since this show [Strictly] I’ve got this new appreciation for dance and how hard it is, especially a dance like that.”

The popular singer went on to say: “I think it’s just beautiful. I love it. I wish I was the girl in the video.”

Pixie, who was speaking on Magic Radio’s Breakfast Show ‘Magic in the Morning’ with Kirsteen O’Sullivan, next went on to talk Christmas, and she revealed a special Christmas tradition her family have.

“I’m the biggest Christmas person ever, so I love everything about Christmas. I think the biggest tradition in my family is probably every Christmas Eve…”

She then explained that she and her brother and sister get their Christmas stockings – which they’ve had since they were born – and put them on their heads while dancing around to ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ by Bruce Springsteen.

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Do you have any wacky family Christmas traditions like Pixie Lott does? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!


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  1. Nicky1991 on December 26, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Pixie is so adorable as a person but also so down to earth.

    really like her. :)) :o)

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