Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy: The Dark Knight Rises actor travels to Africa to uncover the truth about the poaching crisis


Animal-lover and BAFTA award-winning actor Tom Hardy travels to South Africa, Botswana and Tanzania in an aim to uncover the truth about why poaching has reached crisis levels and to see for himself what can be done to stop the killing.

Tom starts his journey in South Africa where he meets Miles Lappeman whose been breeding rhino on his huge estate to counterbalance the fact that 600 of the beasts were shot in 2012 alone. However, last November, poachers breeched his security fences and shot eight of his 22 animals.


Tom later meets Vincent Barkas who runs an anti-poaching unit of 300 men that provides protection for animals in private game reserves. Tom joins Vincent’s team in the African bush for an anti-poaching training session, attempting to find three men in the middle of 900 hectares of bush.

Tom travels on to Johannesburg, which is the major conduit for smuggled rhino horn on its way to South East Asia. He meets John Hume who believes that de-horning a rhino is the only way to save it from poachers. Finally, Tom meets Sean Hensman, who is training elephants to track poachers, so that the hunted become the hunter.

Tom Hardy’s Poaching Wars starts tonight on ITV at 9pm

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