by Lisa McGarry

Comedian, actor and television presenter Alexander Armstrong returns to BBC Two Daytime for a second run of the popular quiz show Pointless.

Pointless sees four pairs of contestants compete for a cash prize – by winning the fewest points. Every question on Pointless has been asked to 100 people before the show – to find out the most obvious and the most obscure answers. The contestants aim to score the fewest points by searching out those little known answers that as few of the 100 gave as possible. The Holy Grail is a Pointless answer – a response that none of the 100 thought of.

It might sound easy to remember Top 40 Madonna singles, but contestants must think of the tracks that no one else has mentioned. What about British counties? Or US Presidents? Can you think of the least obvious answer?

Contestants must fight their natural instincts, aiming to score the fewest points possible by finding the most elusive answers. Give an answer 87 of our 100 mentioned and they’ll score an awful 87 points. Find an answer that only 4 of the 100 gave and they’ll score a very creditable 4 points. And as always, to get the best possible score contestants must find the Pointless answers that none of the 100 gave. Not only do these score players zero points, they also add money to the prize jackpot.

The clever pair who makes it through to the final round wins the coveted Pointless trophy. But one question stands between them and the cash prize. All they have to do is come up with just one more Pointless answer and the cash is theirs. But if they fail, the money rolls over to the next show. It’s a tense, high jeopardy end to every show.

Alexander’s ‘pointless friend’ Richard Osman is the keeper of a whole manner of obscure facts and figures. For each question he will be revealing the most popular, least popular and most peculiar answers given by the 100 people before the show.

This brilliant and thought provoking series will have viewers at home shouting obscure facts at the television. Little known and forgotten information are the key to success in Pointless.

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