Police Academy UK coming to BBC One

Four international police officers of differing ranks, are coming to the UK for five weeks, in a new series, Police Academy UK, for BBC Three.

The officers are on a fact-finding mission. They have questions they think only the UK has the answers to. They will spend time with three different forces in the UK, chosen for the types of crime with which they deal.

The international officers will live with each other throughout their stay, and get a true sense of the way we order ourselves as a country.

What they see during their stay is a far cry from the police work they do in their home countries of Colombia, Samoa, Zambia and Western Australia.

During their time in the UK, the four international officers gradually get to grips with British culture and crime and at the end of their stay, they return home to implement some new ideas they’ve learned on their mission. But will the British police have more to learn than their international counterparts?

In Essex the international officers will take part in some drill training – getting taught how to present themselves and march, before hitting the streets. They’ll experience what Essex night life is like by joining the force on a Friday night patrol in Colchester. Their time with the constabulary will culminate in helping to police a big night out in Colchester.

In the West Midlands the international officers will witness football hooliganism at one of the UK’s most dangerous derby matches. On the back of that, they will take part in riot training which will be the hardest test of their careers.

In Newport and its surrounding areas the international officers will learn all there is to know about community policing. They’ll get around on bicycles and spend time with some of Gwent’s offenders. They’ll experience a cannabis factory and what’s being done to stamp them out.