Police Interceptors Coming To Five

Police Interceptors is a series that profiles a radical new type of police unit. Aimed at tackling the most difficult-to-catch criminals in Britain, the Interceptors hit big-time crooks hard every day.

Armed with outrageously fast cars and the very latest kit, the Police Interceptors are the new kids on the block in the fight against crime – and they are getting results fast. The Government is spending serious money on cutting-edge technology and hand-picked, highly trained officers. Using Essex as a test bed, they have created the hardest-hitting police unit in the country.

Key to the unit’s success is a powerful computer system which links every camera in the county. Sited in known crime hot-spots, as well as on every major road in Essex, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology enables target cars to be tracked across the area and their position instantly fed to the Interceptors.

The teams are also kitted out with the latest and fastest police cars in Britain, boasting a host of technology including global positioning and tracking devices linked to the super-computer back at HQ. The Interceptors are also armed with a fully kitted-out helicopter, which features a long range telephoto lens capable of reading a number plate from seven miles, day or night.

With a daily diet of stolen cars, drug dealers and high-speed pursuits, the Police Interceptors are cracking down on Essex crime –with one operation netting five of the county’s ten most-wanted villains – and the criminals rarely know what has hit them.

Police Interceptors kicks off on Five on Friday May 9th.

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