Police raid Jimmy Savile’s hidden lair in Glencoe!

by Anna Howell

Police have raided a property belonging to the late TV presenter, Jimmy Savile, amid fears that over 20 victims were subjected to abuse there, The Sun newspaper reports.

According to the publication, officers arrived at the isolated country cottage, set deep in the highlands of Scotland, to search the premises, which was often used by Savile to entertain celebrities, and even royalty according to reports, including the future King, Prince Charles.

Police heading the investigation into the alleged paedophilic antics of the former Top Of The Pops star have taken this step as they believe that the cottage in Glencoe, which has remained untouched since the presenter’s death last year, may hold vital leads and evidence in the case.

Claims of alleged sexual abuse involving the Jim’ll Fix It star have been coming in thick and fast following an ITV Exposure documentary last week featuring the statements from some of the alleged victims and witnesses. Since then the estimated number of victims claiming that Savile abused them is over the 200 mark, and with some of them claiming to have reported it at the time, the BBC are also now under investigation for covering the scandal up.

The NSPCC has now reported that it has received 161 calls from adults who say they were preyed on by Savile.

Peter Watt, head of the NSPCC helpline, said: “It’s now looking possible that Jimmy Savile was one of the most prolific sex offenders the NSPCC has ever come across.”

According to the Sun, when officers entered the cottage, they found several of Savile’s belongings, including documents, ashtrays and biscuit tins all untouched.

In one of the bedrooms, it is reported, were two bunk beds.

This cottage was used as a holiday home for Savile, who paid over the odds for it, despite it having no power or sewage system installed, when it went up for sale 14 years ago, after the former Radio One DJ claimed that he had fallen in love with it after cycling past it in his 20’s.

Following Savile’s death, the unmarried presenter had left orders that the property be handed over to the community.

It was put up for sale in May for offers over £300,000 — but the sale was halted by the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, who planned to convert it for respite care for the disabled — but those plans have been put on hold after the trust shut down yesterday because of the sex scandal.

Last night one Glencoe local, John Grieve said: “I heard it was going to be searched at one point.

“It has been on the cards.

“I kept away from the bloke. I just found him bloody irksome.”

The Northern Constabulary, who carried out the search of the cottage, said last night: “We are assisting with the logistics of a Met operation.”

But a Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are not discussing whether there are or are not searches going on.”