Police to release report naming 13 hospitals where Jimmy Saville preyed on victims, including a hospice!

by Anna Howell

Police heading the now infamous Operation Yewtree investigation into the paedophilic antics of the late BBC TV and radio presenter, Jimmy Savile, have announced that they are due to release a report which names 13 health care establishments where he allegedly preyed on victims, including a hospice, the Sun newspaper reports.

Savile’s double life made headlines throughout the latter part of last year when an ITV documentary exposed him as a repeated sex offender and paedophile when more than 400 alleged victims came forward claiming to have been abused by the Jim’ll Fix It star.

Police began an in depth investigation into the claims, following up hundreds of lines of enquiries, and as a result brought in several high profile names to question in connection with similar crimes including former pop star Gary Glitter, PR guru Max Clifford, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and most recently comedian Jim Davidson, all of whom, except Glitter, have denied any wrongdoing.
Now police are due to release their findings listing 13 hospitals, including at least one hospice, where it is believed that Savile carried out this, now well documented, reign of alleged abuse.

Three hospitals where Savile was given almost free reign of whilst volunteering as a porter, Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks; Broadmoor in Crowthorne, Berks; and Leeds General Hospital are all expected to be named in the report, along with Florence Nightingale hospice which is situated on the same site as Stoke Mandeville.

A spokesman for Stoke Mandeville last night said: “We are unable to comment as we are helping police.”

Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who was the reporting force behind the ITV documentary that exposed these crimes said: “There seems to be nowhere Savile went where he did not abuse people.”

So far, in total, 589 people have contributed information to the investigation into Savile’s crimes, including 450 direct complaints against the former Top Of The Pops star, who passed away in 2011, including 31 alleged incidents of rape. Detectives have recorded 199 crimes in 17 force areas.

Watch Exposure: The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile in the clip below: