Popstar To Operastar Results 2011: Claire Richards & Joseph Washbourn out – Cheryl Baker & Joe McElderry for final!

Popstar to Operastar

Show  Five, The Semi Final:  Sunday 3rd July 2011

The return of ITV’s hit entertainment show Popstar To Operastar brings the glamour and passion of opera back to our TV screens.

For one week only Alfie Boe has stepped into Rolando’s shoes to join Katherine Jenkins to help the remaining four remaining popstars to hit the high notes.


Following in the footsteps of previous winner Darius Campbell, our popstars perform live each week to win the approval of the all important judges, Katherine Jenkins, Simon Callow, Vanessa Mae and for one week only Alfie Boes.

Claire Richards & Joseph Washbourn were the fifth and sixth celebrities to leave the competition after receiving the lowest amount of public votes.

Upon being voted out, Claire Richards said: “I am going to miss it, I’ve loved singing again.”

Upon being voted out, Joseph Washbourn said: “I’ve had an amazing time.”

Joe McElderry & Cheryl Baker will battle it out next week in the Popstar to Operastar Final.

Also Claire and Joseph performed a duet together and sung Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiró) by Sartori/Quarantotto/Peterson.

Cheryl and Joe sung together and sang Canto Della Terra by Sartori/Quarantotto

Below are details on each performance and the critics’ comments:

Claire Richards sung Der Hölle Rache (The Queen of the Night Aria)

From The Magic Flute

Judges comments:

Alfie Boe said: “I have got to say, Rolando would say that was a Chakka Chakka performance but I would say that was a boe-delicious performance. The progress that Claire has done is great, this is fantastic.”

Katherine Jenkins said: “This is such a hard aria, it’s a marathon not a sprint. I could tell you were in control of yourself, that was brilliant well done.”

Vanessa Mae said: “That’s was literally high raisingly good. I have to say this is the most confident I have seen you.”

Simon Callow said: “I was absolutely stunned.”

Joseph Washbourn sung Fin Ch’Han Dal Vino (The Champagne Aria)

From Don Giovanni

Judges comments:

Katherine Jenkins said: “I must say I am really impressed. Joseph you have always from the beginning thrown yourself into the characters.”

Simon Callow said: “That is the best we have heard you sing.”

Alfie Boe said: “That was fantastic, you really took the bull by the horns there.”

Vanessa Mae said: “You really enjoyed yourself and all in all I really enjoyed the role play.”


Joe McElderry sung Granada by Lara


Judges comments:

Alfie Boe said: “A great song, you did a fantastic song. You did really well, I am really proud.”

Vanessa Mae said: “You’re great strength is your great control over your voice, but I want to see you take some risks.”

Simon Callow said: “I think you gave Rolando a run for his money.”


Katherine Jenkins said: “I think for no doubt you will be in the final but I want more passion from you. Your voice is so beautiful, and I loved it.”

Cheryl Baker sung Un Bel Dì Vedremo From Madama Butterfly

Judges comments:

Simon Callow said: “Fantastic, you have such truth, you tell the story and you are inside the characters’ head.”

Katherine Jenkins said: “I thought you really got into character, I love watching you sing,  there is something about you that makes me smile.”

Vanessa Mae said: “It’s a competition but you manage to bring joy to every song every week.”

Alfie Boe said: “You handled those petals really well, all I see is somebody who likes to sing and loves music.”