Pretty Little Liars spoilers: CATFIGHT at Mona’s funeral? MUST SEE!

by Sarah Jones
pretty little liars


Things are about to reach a WHOLE new level of cray cray when Pretty Little Liars returns next month.

Of course, we saw Mona die in the summer finale and in this week’s Christmas episode, she got to haunt Alison showing her what her future is shaping up like. However, while we loved ghost Mona causing terror the girls will get a chance to say a proper goodbye to their enemy turned friend, when Mona’s funeral is held.

We can’t imagine A not showing her face at some point, the girl’s number one A suspect in Alison herself however is as brash as ever as she turns up at the ceremony itself.

TVLine are reporting a significant time jump between the Christmas episode and when we pick up again on January 6th, with Toby up and about once again and no longer needing that darn wheelchair (although, we were loving the Rear Window references in the Christmas special).

However, while the girls are looking glam, the funeral will not go off without a hitch and it might not even be A who starts it all for once. After Emily spoke to Jenna and Sidney, it seems that everyone believes Alison murdered Mona and there’s set to be a heavy confrontation between Alison and Mona’s mother at the funeral. You can see just a snippet of this in the promo, which you can view in full below.


Meanwhile, it seems that in 5×14 the girls will finally confront Alison on their A theories but yet again it seems that we’re seeing 2 sides to her. One that looks like a frightened young girl and one that’s a manipulative bitch. Could this have any significance moving forward?

Either way, we don’t have too long left to wait with the winter premiere of PLL hitting our screens on January 6th. We’d love to know your thoughts on the series, shoot us a comment below and let us know what you think of season 5 so far…


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    i already know facts about that and alison lowerd beathany to rosewood and beathany is A.

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