Primeval: Saturday, 16 May 7.20PM ITV


An anomaly opens at a race car test track and a Megopteran comes through. This huge eight foot insect-like futuristic creature is carnivorous and lethal and the team need to draw on all their skills to capture it, get it back home and lock the anomaly. Little do they know however, that there were two creatures on the loose and one is left at the test track as the team pull out. Meanwhile at Abby’s flat her brother Jack steals her handheld detector and sets out, determined to uncover the truth about Abby’s job. The last thing he suspects is to come under attack by the lethal insect. Jack takes refuge in one of the cars at the test track, a gleaming Lotus, and inadvertently drives it straight through the anomaly into the future. The team are alerted and Abby is distraught. They have to go after him. Danny, Abby, Connor & Becker go through the anomaly on a mission to rescue him. What they discover on the other side is a dangerous world filled with Future Predators. The chances of finding Jack and getting back alive seem slim but Abby refuses to turn back without him.

The four slowly and silently make their way through a deserted street; along the way encountering a hungry baby predator. Danny kills it, but not before alerting other predators to their location. Forced to take shelter in an abandoned building, Becker tries to convince the others to turn back but Abby refuses to see reason. Meanwhile Jack wakes up to find that he has fallen through the roof of some kind of building, disturbing a nest of giant worms. He yells out for help and, luckily for him, Danny hears. Danny climbs down to help and slings a rope around Jack. Connor and Abby desperately try to pull him up, but in the process attract the attention of an entire pack of future predators. Before the others can stop him, Becker uses himself as bait to lure the creatures away. Abby and Connor haul Jack to safety, but with the knowledge that Becker is now, almost certainly dead. Danny, meanwhile has to battle a huge queen worm and resorts to blowing up the nest in order to escape.

Danny, Connor, Abby and Jack take refuge in an abandoned bus but it is clear that they won’t last there for long. The predators have picked up their scent and start to move in. Just when they seem completely doomed, megopterans begin to emerge from the ground; flushed out by the smoke from the explosion. The predators turn on them allowing the team to escape amidst this mighty beast-on-beast battle. Whilst they are making their way back to the anomaly Danny sees a woman being escorted from another building by Captain Wilder, one of Johnson’s officers. Danny isn’t able to follow them and he joins the others in escaping back through the anomaly, joined at the last minute by Becker who somehow managed to survive. On the other side, Sarah has had troubles of her own with trying to catch a rogue baby megopteran.

Whilst Jack tells Abby it’s time for him to move out and move on, Danny confronts Lester – Who was the woman with Captain Wilder and how did they get there? They know Johnson is somehow involved but Lester orders Danny to stay away from her – he’ll handle it through official channels.

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