‘Prison Break’ star Lane Garrison arrested over domestic violence call

by Anna Howell

Sometimes it just isn’t that easy to turn off a criminal when the camera’s stop rolling, something Prison Break star Lane Garrison is only too aware, having found himself the wrong side of a bail hearing yet again.

Garrison, who played David “Tweeny” Apolskis in the hit US show from 2005-2006, has been arrested on two counts  of domestic violence.  Police were called to the actor’s Beverly Hills apartment yesterday, after the complaint was made from Ashley Mattingly, Garrison’s former girlfriend.  An arrest was made, and bail granted at $50,000 (£31,010), according to Entertainment Weekly, whilst the website TMZ reports that the actor is currently in custody having not yet stumped up the cash.  His first court hearing is set for 48 hours time.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV outside the victim’s apartment, with the surveillance video capturing the images of Garrison ‘slapping Ashley Mattingly in the face’.

The tape, according to TMZ – who have somehow obtained a copy, shows the actor sat outside his ex’s home, waiting for her to arrive back, and him chasing after her when she did.  The pair are then seen walking into the building together, ‘clearly arguing as they get into an elevator.’

according to reports, things turned physical when Mattingly, a former Playboy bunny, left the elevator, with the shocking footage showing Garrison grabbing her arm with one hand, while appearing to slap her round the face with the other.  A few moments of struggle followed before the Prison Break star made a dash out of the building.

In a last act of defiance, Garrison then, reportedly, through the victim’s phone into the street, before fleeing the scene.

Garrison’s lawyer, Harland Braun, released a statement claiming that his client was at the building to  ‘dog sit for a friend,’ but ‘happened’ to run into Mattingly in the lobby, and admits that there was an argument, regarding the end of their relationship, during which Mattingly hurled the actors phone against a wall, but that no offence, criminal or otherwise, was committed by his client, and that the only physical contact his client made towards Mattingly was to  ‘put his hands on his former girlfriend’s shoulders and put her in a chair’.   Mr Braun also claims that Mattingly was not harmed in the incident, and that if she was it was self-inflicted as an act of spite.  He also claims that  due to the fact that Mattingly was aware Garrison’s parole was due to end in six days, she was using the false allegations as an opportunity to have him re-arrested.

This is the second claim of domestic abuse involving the couple within 24 hours, with a similar situation between the old lovers flaring up on Saturday, this time at Garrison’s apartment, however, according to Beverly Hills Police Sergeant Robert Maycott, the actor was not arrested on that occasion because he ‘fled’ before officers arrived.

Sergeant Maycott went on to reveal: ‘Garrison went back and was taken into custody.’

The hostile situation between the two began after Mattingly took to Social Networking site, Twitter on Saturday to announce the break up, tweeting: ‘sooo happy to be single again from @LaneGarrison9 bye bye 🙂 hahahaha.’

When one follower accused her of being mean, she hit back: ‘No drunk a** is trying to brake (sic) into my apt (apartment)!’

Garrison denies the claims that he inflicted injuries on Mattingly and explains his mini break at Mr Obama’s pleasure as a standard procedure due to the fact that he is on parole.

This incident is not an isolated one, only two months ago police were called to investigate domestic violence fears after a neighbour called 911 after hearing a very heated argument.  Speaking at the time, Garrison said: ‘I just really wanted to set the record straight. There was no domestic violence.’

This is not the first time the actor, whose latest TV role was that of an ‘un-named sleeper’ in season 1, episode 18 of The Event last year, has faced a serious and violent conviction.  In 2007 Garrison was charged with vehicular manslaughter and DUI (driving under influence) after he caused a fatal car crash that left 1 teenage boy dead, and 2 teenage girls seriously injured.  The actor was sentenced to 40 months in jail, but only went on to serve less than two years, with two law suits settled over the incident.

He must really like the food!

To see Lane Garrison denying the February domestic violence incident on TMZ, watch the clip below: