Prisoners Wives – Series 2 begins!

by Nathan Crudden


In the opening episode of Series Two we see the return of glamorous gangster wife Francesca as well as prisoner’s Mum, Harriet. Two new characters join them, Kim, the respectable wife of a man who was falsely convicted of a horrible crime, and Aisling, the teenager daughter of a repeat offender.

As the women all struggle with the consequences of their loved ones incarceration, crime, jeopardy, joy, laughter, sex and secrets can all be expected. Francesca, in this series, is forced to face up to the ugly reality of her husbands world. The line between criminal and criminals wife begins to blur and Francesca and her family must face the demoralising consequences. For Harriet, a chance of happiness arises in her relationship with prison chaplain Ian – but how will her son Gavin react to this new man in her life?


Meanwhile, Aisling desperately wants her father to behave in prison so he can get out in time for her wedding, and Kim’s past comes back to bite her in her fight to clear her husbands name.

Francesca finds herself at the heart of an escalating gangland turf war. After her home is set alight whilst her and her family are inside, all she wants to do is run away – but gangster husband Paul persuades Francesca that he will keep her safe. But, with Francesca being duped by Paul, being scrutinised by the police, being at odds with her scared family and living as a prisoner in a high security apartment, she feels far from safe.

Prisoners' Wives

Kim has her perfect world flipped upside down when her husband and father of her children is accused of the most grim of crimes. Kim is convinced that this is just a malicious allegation, but when her husband is sent to jail on remand, nobody will listen to her.

Harriet is overjoyed when she hears that son Gavin has befriended a group of Muslim inmates and wants to convert to Islam. Harriet is, in a way, on her own spiritual journey with Jesus…or should that be the prison chaplain?
As Harriet pursues her own personal happiness, Gavin’s protective friends are shown to be not what they first seemed.


Also, Aisling is annoyed that her repeat offender dad is back in prison. Brendan promises his daughter that he’ll not cause trouble and will make sure that he gets released in time for her wedding, but can Brendan keep his promise?

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