Private Practice Series 2 Finale

by Lisa McGarry

The second season of Private Practice, the sophisticated spin-off from the award-winning Grey’s Anatomy, comes to a dramatic close on LIVING this week. The series sees Doctor Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), who fled the busy wards and romantic entanglements of Seattle Grace Hospital, firmly settled in her high-end LA clinic, Oceanside Wellness.

It’s baby mania in this week’s heart-wrenching finale. Violet is a week overdue and anxious to have her baby boy, but tha isn’t much of a problem compared with what patients Amelia and Zoe are facing – due to a mix up at the clinic, they are carrying each other’s babies. The embryo implanted in Zoe is the last remaining one produced by Amelia and her late husband – if Zoe terminates the pregnancy, she’ll destroy Amelia’s last hope of having the baby she and her husband always dreamed of. And with everyone blaming Dell for the mistake, will the clinic’s midwife ending up being its fall guy?

Addison and Noah are desperate to be together, but there’s just one small problem – Noah’s heavily pregnant wife. Meanwhile, Sheldon’s proposal to Violet has gone unanswered, but with the idea hanging in the air, will Pete realise how much he wants to keep her in his life? Will his change of heart help Violet clarify what she wants? And exactly why is her delusional patient, Katie, suddenly taking such an interest in her pregnancy? In the middle of all the upheaval, Naomi continues to be courted by a rival practice – is this just the sort of clean break she needs? There are new beginnings and hard choices when the emotional second season of Private Practice draws to an end this week on LIVING.