Property guru Sarah Beeny had to go to a private hospital to treat her near fatal appendicitis!

In today’s Daily Mirror, TV property guru Sarah Beeny has revealed that her life was probably saved after she opted to pay for private health care having been diagnosed with appendicitis…

The move to a private hospital meant that Sarah could have the emergency operation that she needed within hours, whereas in the NHS hospital she was initially taken to, she’d have had to wait until next day for an operating theatre to become available.

Here’s what she had to say about the traumatic illness…

“I wasn’t really sure what the pain was – it wasn’t like any tummy ache I’d had before and it was sort of on one side, like a stitch.

“I felt floppy and really thirsty, too. So I went to the doctor and told them the pain had moved to the other side of my tummy button, at which point he said: ‘I want you to go to casualty right now’…

“I said I couldn’t because I had to breastfeed my baby, and he just looked at me and said: ‘I suggest you get some childcare and go to hospital now!’

Sarah did go to hospital, but as she revealed next, things didn’t go smoothly.

She said, “By this time it was about 6pm but they said they wanted to operate on me that night.

“[By] 10.30pm and they didn’t have any slots until the next day. Because I just wanted to get back and feed my baby I grabbed my credit card and said: ‘I’m going to pay for it, where do I go?’

“And I’m really glad I did because I was operated on at about 12.15am that night and it was far worse than expected.”

Sarah went on to say that it was only as a result of her decision to go private that she got lifesaving treatment that same night.

She said, “My appendix had actually burst and the surgeon said that if I’d waited until the following day, I would have been very sick indeed…

“I would also have had a scar right down my middle, rather than my three-inch one. I was really lucky.

“You get gangrene all over your organs when it bursts, which goes round all your organs and gets worse every hour. They end up having to take your organs out to wash them.

“I only ended up being in hospital for three days on intravenous antibiotics, but there are people who are in hospital for five months it’s so bad.

“You can also die from a burst appendix.

“Graham was really worried as I was in theatre for ages and he was in the hospital waiting, wondering why it was taking so long.

“He was more worried when he realised how bad it was.”

Sarah concluded, “Because I rushed the operation so I could get home to breastfeed [my baby son] Rafferty, I think that in a way he saved my life.”

You can get more information on how to spot the signs of appendicitis by clicking here.

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