Psychic Private Eyes: A must watch

A few months ago, I noticed a listing in the TV guide for this show and that particular episode was about the horrifying murder of 18 year old model Sally Anne Bowman.

Psychic Private Eyes is on Zone Reality – Sky channel 146 – at 11pm several nights each week and on Sunday 11th the channel is repeating the Sally Anne Bowman special and I highly recommend you watch it. It really is an astonishing programme.

The show features psychic mediums Colin Fry, Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs, and I have to say, the most sceptical of sceptics couldn’t help but be converted to ‘believer’ by this programme.

The concept of the show is that the psychic mediums investigate cases of deaths that have happened in either mysterious circumstances or were as the result of unsolved murders, which Sally’s was at the time of their investigation.

Now, before I saw this programme – and even though I personally believe in the psychic abilities of some individuals – I’d always been unconvinced about Colin Fry however, I had however seen Tony Stockwell on various shows on TV which, if they were to be believed, showed he did in fact have psychic abilities. I left the show utterly convinced of Colin’s abilities too.

And again, before this programme, I’d never heard of TJ Higgs but during this programme, she made some remarkable discoveries that proved – certainly for me – that she was in fact able to communicate with the dead.

One of the most amazing things she repeatedly said was that Sally Anne had told her that her murderer had “marked me, he’s marked me all over”. The murderer turned out to be a man called Mark.

Linda Bowman, Sally Anne’s mother, approached Colin Fry in early 2006 after her daughter’s brutal murder in September 2005.

Speaking to the Watford Observer after the investigation, Colin Fry said:

“We were able to give a detailed description and profile long before the trial. We gave a physical description, even stating his name was Mark.

“If someone has been killed in harrowing circumstances you need to take quite a hard line, which is very different to demonstrations or private readings.

“I try to be very honest about what’s coming through but I’m never unkind. I think it’s very important to show the personalities of people, to keep them real to the memories.”

The team did in fact uncover a huge dossier of evidence during their investigation and most of the information they uncovered was not known to anyone but Sally Anne and her murderer.

Some of the other information about the murder was known only to the police or Sally Anne’s family and the psychics were not aware of it, but what they said provided vital clues to resolving the case.

You can see a clip from the show here.

The next episode is on tomorrow night on Zone Reality at 11pm in which the psychics try to help the relatives of a young Worcestershire woman who was killed in the 1940s.


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.