Psychopath Night: This Channel 4 programme unravels the mystery of the pyschopath


One per cent of the population are classified psychopathic and in this one-off programme Channel 4 unravels the mystery of this minority, with the help of leading experts.

The show goes inside the minds of psychopaths, finds out how to spot a psychopath and meets real psychopathic killers. In. addition, the programme also meets some famous faces who are high on the psychopathic scale, including a star of the England football team.

There’s also a countdown of the top ten movie psychopaths, as selected by experts, including a real-life Clarice Starling who uses Hollywood movies to teach her FBI trainees about how to handle psychopaths.

Psychopath Night reveals everything you ever wanted to know about psychopaths, and perhaps a few things you didn’t.

Psychopath Night airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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One Response to “Psychopath Night: This Channel 4 programme unravels the mystery of the pyschopath”

  1. Joyce Alexander says:

    Part of my story about my son William “Patrick” Alexander who murdered jessica witt a 17 year old girl in 1992 in Texas is in this film…I am amazed at the huge number of people who have contacted me on my web site I haven’t yet seen the show but have heard from friends in UK that it was really awesome.