Are Queen set to release some new material? Brian May seems to say yes!

by Martin

Queen's guitar player Brian May performs

Queen fans, hold on to your hats. It sounds like you may be getting some new material very soon according to the legendary Brian May.

Oddly though, but not surprisingly, the track looks set to feature vocals from the late, great Freddie Mercury who passed away back in 1991.

We say it’s not surprisingly because with the level of technology we have available today it wouldn’t be surprisingly if they could take old clips of Freddie Mercury’s vocals and turn them into something new.

Brian May recently got some fantastic news regarding his recent prostate cancer news and following a phone call with his specialist it was confirmed that they found no new cancer cells.


The legendary guitarist posted this news on his official website in a Soapbox post where he also talks about new Queen material.

Brian May told fans: “I had a great day in the studio today anyway, even before the welcome news.

“And some Queen magic is happening… I can feel it in my bones. It’s annoying to have to be so secretive, but I guess I have to, for now.”

He continued: “What I can say is the track we dusted off has the four of us – Freddie, John, Roger and myself – playing together on a track we’d all forgotten about.

Queen Adam Lambert

“It sounds so fresh. I got quite emotional hearing some of it… some rough takes, some discussion and banter, and then a really good take, and some overdubs, and… well, it’s crying out to be finally brought into the world.”

Brian concluded: “I can’t help but feel a buzz. I’m energised again.”

Great news for Queen fans right? We wonder if Adam Lambert will also be involved after having such a great success with the band last year. Only time will tell.

Watch below as Adam Lambert performed with Queen towards the end of 2012 as they performed the massive ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


  1. New Yorker on January 15, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    It doesn’t sound like this Queen Music that Brian May is talking about has anything to do with Adam Lambert. If Mercury is doing the vocals…. that leaves Adam out of this one. Really hope May and Taylor decide to do some kind of music and tour with Adam though. He has the most amazing voice and charisma of any performer in the Industry.
    He brings new life to Queen… nobody was like Freddie Mercury but he’s not here anymore and would love it if Queen could show off Adam and everything he’s capable of.

  2. Lisa on January 15, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Of course if they do release this original, it won’t include Adam unless they decide to perform it live.

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