Ralf Little, Craig Cash and Michelle Terry talk new Sky1 comedy, The Café

by Lynn Connolly

On November 23rd, Sky1 will air the pilot episode of a new comedy entitled, The Café, and ahead of it, Ralf Little, who co-wrote the show, and Craig Cash, who produces and directs it, have been telling TV Choice magazine all about it.

In The Café, Ralf stars as Richard alongside Michelle Terry as Richard’s wife, Sarah. They’re joined by a host of other stars, such as Jack Roth, Kevin Trainor and June Watson.

Set in, not surprisingly, a café, Ralf and Craig also discussed how the new show differs, or is similar to, The Royle Family, in which they starred as Anthony Royle and Dave Best.

First, Ralf explained, “All the people [in the café] are a close-knit group of friends of different ages that are very much a part of each others’ worlds…

“Like people are with their groups of friends. It’s just that it’s in a small cafe in Weston and that’s just how it is.

“It’s about people, and the way they react to each other and the funny things that they say to each other.”

On the subject of the influence of The Royle Family on The Café, Craig said, “It’s very gentle and sweet, and it kind of rolls along like the sea that surrounds it.

“It’s not as brash as The Royle Family.”

And Michelle Terry added, “It’s not as conceptual asThe Royle Family either. The Royle Family was definitely a concept, it was genius.

“This is not gag based – hopefully it’s character-driven like The Royle Family.”

However, Ralf conceded, “The Royle Family was an influence.”

Craig was then asked if he’d enjoyed working on location in Weston-Super-Mare, to which he replied, “We had to build the cafe and it was lovely and the people really welcomed us there.

“I was really sad to leave in the end. I think they loved having a film crew there.”

I can’t wait to see this! I love Ralf Little, and Craig Cash, so their combined humour is surely going to be a real treat.

Here’s Sky1’s trailer for the show…

Will you be watching it?

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