Ralf Little wants more Royle Family

Royle Family star Ralf Little has revealed that he’d love to be in more episodes of the hit show.

30 year old Ralf launched his acting career with the comedy and said that it’s always been “a delight” to appear in episodes, even if it’s only for five minutes as his appearance was in the 2009 Christmas special.

While telling the PA how much he enjoyed working with Royle Family creators, Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash, Ralf said, “Caroline was hilarious, she said, ‘I’m sorry, you’re only in the first five minutes again…

“We keep wanting to write you in it more but it just… they go on holiday and it just..’ and I’m like, ‘It’s okay Caroline’.

“It’s a delight to do it anytime and also there is no story, no behind the scenes story about why I wasn’t in the last one or why I was only in this one for a bit other than that’s just the way the script went and I know that and they know that…

“And of course, it would be lovely if we were back next year. That’s up to Caroline and Craig, if they decide to write it, you can be very sure that I’ll be there.

“If they want me. If I’m in the script.”

But if you can’t wait that long to see Ralf, you can catch him in ITV1 drama Married Single Other which first airs on Monday, February 22nd.

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