Ramon Tikaram joins Eastenders as Amira’s Dad

by Lisa McGarry


Ramon Tikaram (famous for his role as Ferdy in BBC drama This Life) will arrive in Albert Square later this year playing Qadim (Mohammed Qadim Shah) father of Amira Shah.

During her formative years Qadim was a doting father to Amira, spoiling her, indulging her and creating the princess she is today. They were a happy family until the day Amira’s mother (Shahana) died of cancer, a trauma which turned a once handsome, loving, magnanimous man into a bitter, controlling tyrant.

Since that day Amira and Qadim have suffered a fractured relationship and Qadim’s ruthless business sense and arrogance have led to his downfall, not to mention a spell at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Despite being an intelligent and dynamic man it seems his glittering empire of rental apartments was supported by dodgy bank loans and fraudulent investment schemes, much to the embarrassment of his proud daughter.

Qadim oozes charm and sex appeal and under all his grandeur there’s a man with a huge capacity to love if they can penetrate his icy facade. The question is will Amira warm her father’s cold heart and will his intention to share her big day throw a spanner in the works?

Qadim first appears on screen later this year when Amira visits him in prison and later again when he’s released in time for his daughter’s wedding to Syed.

Ramon’s career has been varied and he has appeared in many television series, films and theatre productions.

His roles have included playing Ferdy in the hugely popular BBC series This Life and has had roles in Identity, Moving On, Primeval and Silent Witness as well as a successful theatre career.

Speaking of joining EastEnders, Ramon adds: “It’s great to be joining a programme that represents a Muslim family in a positive light. It’s also fantastic to be working with old friends including Nitin Ganatra and Preeya Kalidas.”

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