Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA – Can Gordon save a restaurant and a marriage?


Gordon travels to Fremont, California to try and save a failing restaurant that is tearing the owners marriage apart. Saki Kavouniaris took over Spin a Yarn restaurant in 1995 and began to immediately turn it into a success. When young, beautiful Jennifer took a bartending job there, Saki was in love, and within two years they were married with a child.

It was a dream come true, but that dream became a nightmare as the business began to fail badly. They decided to refurbish the restaurant in the hopes of bringing the glory days back. Jennifer began to redecorate and after a few months and half a million pounds later, she was finished.


Sadly, however, the restaurant itself was also finished. Spin a Yarn is sinking, and Saki and Jennifer’s marriage has hit rock bottom. Can Gordon provide a happy ending to this story, or are the restuarant and the marriage both destined to fail?


Tonight, 10pm, Channel 4. Leave your comments below.

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One Response to “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA – Can Gordon save a restaurant and a marriage?”

  1. Kim Raeburn says:

    love this show…. he’s brilliant