Ratings – 10th May 2013: CBS takes top three shows whilst Nikita underperforms for The CW


Last night, CBS’ Blue Bloods took the crown as the most watched show on a Friday night. Ratings were slightly down from previous nights, but we presume everyone has a social life in America!

A repeat of Supernatural took last place on the ratings table from last night with just 600,000 viewers, whilst Nikita didn’t do much better for The CW either with 1.09m viewers.

Meanwhile, at the end of the spectrum it was a winning night for CBS with three of its shows taking the top three spots. The finale of Blue Bloods was watched by 9.90 million viewers, Vegas came in second place with 6.95m and Undercover Boss won bronze with 6.08m.


Shark Tank had 6.08m viewers whilst Dateline was watched by 4.52m, a repeat of Shark Tank took 3.39m, Kitchen Nightmares (3.33m), Touch (2.51m), Fashion Star (2.46m).


Over on the 18-48 tables, Shark Tank took the top spot with a 1.8 score, whilst Undercover Boss took silver with 1.6. Kitchen Nightmares, Dateline and Blue Blood all followed closely behind with a 1.1 score. Otherwise, the rest of the shows fell below a score of 1, with a repeat of Supernatural gaining just 0.1.

Take a look at a clip from Blue Bloods, below:

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