Film star Ray Winstone joins Jonathan on his sofa this week and the cockney film star admits he had reservations about the Olympics. He says, “I wasn’t looking forward to the Olympics. There was traffic and all that stuff, and also the amount of money that was put into the Olympics when it could have been spent on things like education and hospitals, things that we need. Fire stations. Having said that, they can’t take nothing away from the athletes, they were fantastic. It was a great event. It won me over.”

Ray also wonders how the Olympic stadium will be used in the future. He says, “How many times is that stadium going to be used? Once every six months? Maybe they’ve got a plan but let us know what that is.”

Ray immediately perks up when Jonathan tells him he’s heard West Ham may turn it into a football stadium. “That would be a great thing. I think that would be a wonderful thing,” says Ray. “The stadium would bring a lot of work into the area and bring money into the area,” he adds.

Ray’s new movie The Sweeney features a shootout in Trafalgar Square, but how did they get permission to film these scenes in central London? “One of the reasons we were able to shoot there is because it was The Sweeney. I think the name and the old programme is such an iconic programme that it opened doors we probably wouldn’t have got with another film,” explains Ray. He continues, “We’re worried about terrorism, and all the things going on at the moment, and we’re asking if we can film in Trafalgar Square, with the Queen living down the road, with machine guns. You’re waiting for that punch in the face where they say ‘no’, and they said ‘yes’.”

“But were there any special requirements?,” asks Jonathan. “We couldn’t actually make sound,” says Ray. “So we found these fantastic guns that shoot a flame out but don’t go bang. They don’t make a noise, they don’t make a sound.”
Formula One driver Jenson Button admits he’s had a difficult year having found himself 7th in the standings from the McLaren team. “We’ve had a very up and down year. I’ve had a couple of pretty tough races but I’m getting back on track,” says Jenson. “I’ve really struggled with the tyres,’ he continues. “It’s been difficult this year, but it’s coming to me,” he adds.

Jenson, who is known for his good looks and beautiful girlfriends admits he had a certain image but now he’s changed. “When I came into F1 for some reason I had the playboy image,” he says. “I’m super boring now,” he continues in reference to him being settled down with his model girlfriend Jessica Michibata, who he’s been dating for three and a half years. “She reminds me it’s been that long (3 and a half years) and I’m 32 years old,” he laughs. Jonathan jokes that she wants a ring on her finger. “I think so, yeah,” agrees Jenson.
Actress Suranne Jones has taken on numerous roles since leaving Coronation Street eight years ago, but her latest role in spoof cop drama A Touch of Cloth is like no other. “There are big erections in it that get put in pouches,” she laughs. “John (Hannah)’s character does get excited and gets erections,” she explains. “He pulls it out of his pants (his prosthetic penis), sticks it on the table and says ‘would you like to go for a fag and a brew?’. It’s become a bit of a character now. It has a pouch to keep it clean,” she laughs.

TV funny man Dom Joly admits the downside of being known for pulling pranks is that when people encounter him for the first time, they are immediately suspicious. “The worst thing is if I get deliveries to the house,” explains Dom when he tells a story of when he and his family ordered an Indian take-away. “I opened the door and the guy goes ‘Nah, not a chance, you’re not catching me,’ and he flings it at me and it went all over the place,” laughs Dom.

Also on this week’s show, Jonathan says he was heartened by a recent story in Spain where a church parishioner restored a picture of Christ but unintentionally made it look more like a monkey in an ill-fitting tunic. A Rhesus Macaque monkey called Lily then comes on the show recreating the look. She doesn’t seem interested when the TV host offers her a banana, she shuns the host, looking the other way.