Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap spoilers: World vs Jim Marchese!

by Emily H


‘Pack Your Bags and Get Out!’ – Recap

It was drama, drama and more drama in Sunday night’s brand new episode of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’.

Picking up in Florida right from the argument Jim Marchese instigated last week, it was very much the world against Jim.

Finally prying himself out of the bathroom, Bobby confronts his former best friend, who drops the bombshell to Bobby’s face that he suspects he’s been having an affair the whole time he’s been dating Nicole, which is why he won’t commit.

Jim’s wife Amber appears to be having heart palpitations after his (apparent) truth bomb and heads outside to smoke a cigarette, her first since she was diagnosed with cancer – nice going, Jim. The other ladies then rally around Amber, realising that her husband’s behaviour is not her fault, and Dina tells her, “I’m sorry you’re married to a d–k.”


Unbelievably, that was just the start. The season’s biggest secret then came out in a big ball of ugly when, thanks to diarrhoea-of-the-mouth Jim, the rumour that Rino slept with the twin’s mother finds the light of day. Horrified, Amber pushes her husband upstairs whilst the rest of the housewives sit in amazement.

The next morning, Jim opts to cook breakfast as if the night before had never happened. Teresa A is still, understandably, disgusted by his remarks and decides to leave the rented villa to head to her holiday home 5 minutes away where Rino has been staying. When Dina wakes up, she calmly asks both Amber and Jim to leave the property, to which the couple throw in more hysterics. Somehow unable to grasp why they are being asked to leave (really?) the couple leave the property kicking and screaming, whilst Amber vows that she’s “done” with the group after the way they’ve been treated.

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Now three down after Teresa A, Amber and Jim’s departure, the remaining housewives and their partners hire a party boat and head out for a voyage on the sea. As Joe Gorga and Bobby throwback the shots, Dina takes the time to tell Nicole that she feels she deserves better after Bobby wasn’t buy her side during last night’s drama.

The dwindling group then head back to the house for a fancy dinner, where they’re another member down after Bobby heads straight to bed after a long day of drinking. A few minutes into the dinner, Teresa A and Rino surprise the group, and they again discuss the craziness of the night before, to which Rino admits that he could tell the group better stories than the rumour regarding he and his wife. Intriguing!

‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.