RECAP: The Charlotte Crosby Experience: Tokyo – Here’s our Top 5 moments as Charlotte become a Geisha!

The Charlotte Crosby Experience: Tokyo

The Charlotte Crosby Experience: Tokyo

The Charlotte Crosby experience continued this evening, and after last week’s brilliant episode in India, Charlotte headed for Tokyo this week.

Charlotte had to learn how to become a Geisha – she had to walk like them, talk like them, act like them, and she found it SO difficult. But, to cheer her up along the way, there was a cat café, a cuddle café… oh and she let out a bit of a whiff whilst meditating. Head on inside to see our top 5 moments from tonight’s episode!

Charlotte attended a CosPlay

After arriving in Tokyo, Charlotte didn’t what to do next. So, after amusing herself by playing with the toilet, and the shower, she headed out to meet her new ‘friend’ who suggested she should attend a CosPlay. A CosPlay is where Japanese women dress up as Anime characters. Apparently, she looked cute, but she was more weirded out by the fact that all the women had dressed up as men and she was the only girl character. “This is not cute! I look like some giant overgrown doll!

She had to train to be a Geisha

One of Charlotte’s challenges in Tokyo is that she had to become a Geisha, but she was more interested in walking like a crab across the floor. It’s safe to say that Charlotte didn’t want to learn the language, she just wanted to have her face painted white. “I’ve never seen anyone like he before. Her hair is a bit rough,” one of the Geisha’s explained. She added: “She doesn’t have any concentration at all, she doesn’t listen to people”. She literally was like a fish out of water!

The Charlotte Crosby Experience: Tokyo


Because Charlotte possess ZERO concentration, she had to become more “concentrate-ery” so she headed out to learn about en meditation, but the first port of call was to go for a wee. Everybody was stood around, and all you could hear was Charlotte weeing. “I know people who do meditation and really enjoy it, but I also know people who go to swingers parties. Each to their own,” Charlotte explained. She couldn’t grasp anything about the lesson – how to sit, how not to gaze, how not to fart in public. Whilst in the class to help her concentrate, she leant forward and “farted”, and the woman’s face next to her was priceless

Bad Fortunes

Away from the classroom, it seems Charlotte’s new Teachers lightened up a little bit. They headed for a local fortune teller stall, in which Charlotte had to retrieve a number and pick the respective drawer. However, all her fortunes were bad… that says everything, doesn’t it

The Charlotte Crosby Experience: Tokyo

Cuddle Café

Charlotte started to miss home a little bit, so her new friend, Yoshi, told her about a Cuddle Café. Charlotte thought the idea was PERFECT for what she needed, so after being talked through the different options, the cuddle was over in the matter of a second. But, what Charlotte didn’t realise was that she wasn’t the one getting the hug, she was going to be hugging the different customers, whilst dressed as a bunny. A little deflated, Charlotte insisted: “I will not be touching anyone!” As her first customer arrived, Charlotte gave him his marching order: “Okay, so what’s going to happen is that you’re going to pretend that I’ve hugged you, and then I’m going to leave…”

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