Recap & Review: ER – Let It Snow

ER Sam

Well I hope you all made the most of last night’s ER because that episode and next week’s will be the last of the Christmases in County’s ER!
ER Morris and Banfield

In case you missed it, in last night’s episode, as often happens in windy, cold Chicago, a snowstorm left a trail of devastation and injuries in its wake but the ER had to do without Morris and Banfield who got stranded in Omaha so ended up doing a spot of bonding over a drink or ten…

ER Sarah

However, the real drama of course was going on in the ER and it all began with what turned out to be a seriously unwise decision on Gates’ part. And of course, his obnoxious foster daughter Sarah had to make matters worse by being the unpleasant spoiled brat she is!

Anyway, the ER wasn’t very busy due to the blizzard, but a few kids were brought in who’d been in a car accident so Gates took care of them and the hardworking Sam was working late yet again.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Alex asked if they could go to a friend’s party if they finish their homework in super-quick time and Gates said yes… hence the bad decision bit.

Anyway, Sam went into the ER and told the doctors that it was snowing heavily and newbie Grady was told that he has to stay because his replacement was snowed in.

ER Neela

Meantime, Neela was meeting with the lawyers involved in the litigation following the events leading to her patient’s death. They asked her what exactly had happened to cause the patient’s death and Neela basically told them that they “were busy”… possibly not the best excuse in the world for having not saved someone’s life but hey ho.

She tried to explain the problems with the system, but her lawyer spoke over her insisting they have a recess, during which he told Neela to say “yes, no, or I don’t know”, otherwise he said, she should keep her mouth shut!

ER Morris Banfield

While this was all going on back at County, Banfield was stuck in an airport and – as you do – headed for the bar where she met up with Archie Morris who was also stranded following the conference they both attended.

They started chatting and Morris – though he thought Banfield had been deliberately avoiding him – lightened the mood in general when he took the mic as the band started playing.

Morris announced to everyone that given it looked like they were all going to be stuck there for long time, he reckoned they should all take the time to get to know each other better which was received better by some than it was by Banfield!

ER Neela

Back at County, Neela talked to Simon about her court case however they were interrupted when Sam called Simon over to help her with a patient.

Chaz then walked in and joined Frank and Neela who were watching the news about the blizzard. However it wasn’t long before a new patient arrived in the form of a young girl who had a fractured skull as the result of a car crash, thanks to said blizzard, but there was another patient too…

ER Sam

As Neela, Sam and Simon went to work on the injured patients, Chaz called Sam and said they needed another nurse and it was as Sam entered the trauma room, she realised that one of the patients was her son Alex.

As the docs worked on Alex and the girl he was brought in with, Sam called Gates and told him that Alex must’ve snuck out of the house and had been in a car crash so she wanted him to be sure Sarah was still home and ok. She hung up on him before he had a chance to admit that in fact he’d given both Alex and Sarah permission to go out…

ER Alex

Sam watched anxiously as the doctors worked on Alex and frantically called for a supply of O negative but the blood bank only had O positive which – apparently being male – meant it would do much the same job… I don’t know how that works, but anyway, efforts to keep Alex alive continued in classic ER style.

Back in Omaha and Morris had by now begun to serenade the room full of doctors, but he couldn’t get any of them to join in the singing fun, so he then handed the mic to Banfield who told him to stop but the fact that she was clearly well on the North side of Drunk Avenue livened up the crowd no end and soon, her rendition of Hot Blooded shocked even the normally unshakeable Archie!

ER Banfield

And it just got worse as she launched into a rather raunchy version of ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ and the crowd cheered and applauded her drunken singing. She then made Morris join her in a duet which he does for a few moments before sensibly deciding his boss has had enough and puts and end to the impromptu karaoke.

Back at County, despite Neela doing everything she could for Ashley, the girl who was in the crash with Alex, she was unable to save her ‘called’ her time of death. The girl’s death of course upset Sam terribly and just as she walked out of the resus room, she bumped inti Sarah who – after some forceful quizzing from Sam – admitted that she and Alex had been drinking.

Harsh words were exchanged and the hideous brat Sarah lashed out at Sam, which, were it me she’d done that to, would’ve have been a very sorry bunny indeed.

ER SAm Tony

Her lashing out at Sam as her son could be dying was just another example of why I can’t stand the petulant teen nightmare. Anyway, a war of words ensued with Tony this time too and although she was only ‘sublimating’ her anger as the Americans love to call taking it out on someone, I had to agree with Sam that Tony hasn’t exactly done a great job in the parenting department, but there, look at the material he has to work with!

ER Tyler

Just as difficult to watch as Sam’s anguish was the reaction of Tyler, the young brother of Ashley, who just couldn’t grasp the loss of his sister. And just as an aside, could they have possibly found a cuter kid? I think not… with his puppy dog eyes and adorable lisp, I just wanted to reach into my telly and hug him for about ten years!

ER Chaz & Tyler

But as tough as it was, Chas was the one who stuck it out with the boy and having only recently lost his own sibling, he was probably the best man for the desperately sad job.

ER Morris & Banfield

As the drama continued full pace in the ER, Morris took Banfield to the bathroom and did the whole rubbing her back thing as she threw up and in a rather stabledoorish moment, told her to bear in mind that Scotch and red wine don’t go well together.

Once she’d finished her chat with Ralph and Huey on the big white telephone, Morris talked sadly about how his dad died the year before and that he has yet to clear out his stuff. After some poignant moments, Morris and Banfield went out to get something to eat and during the meal, Banfield talked about how she got into medicine.

ER Banfield

She also talked about how her son died and revealed to Morris that since then, she’d been unable to have another child and had suffered a miscarriage. Morris expressed how sorry he was to hear about her ordeal but she philosophically replied that “it just wasn’t meant to be.” She added that her career has been a great success, and clearly, she can’t have everything.

ER Sam Gates

Meanwhile, Sam frantically worked on Alex and Gates tried to help despite her anger with him. Chaz then came in and asked if they’d seen Tyler, but neither of them had. In a truly emotional moment, Chaz found the little boy in the room with Ashley’s body, asking her why she won’t wake up…

Sam meanwhile found out that there were no surgeons available to come to help Alex so unable to calm her down, Gates took her out of the room upon which she began to yell at him for being more of a friend than a father to Sarah. She told him that he’d screwed up with Sarah and that she doesn’t want him anywhere near Alex in the future and she lashed out at him but before he had to restrain her, she just stormed off.

ER Tony

Back with Alex, vital signs start to drop and Sam loses it and screams demands, one of which being that he urgently needs blood, but Gates tried to tell her she doesn’t know that for sure and by now, with Sam in no fit state to help Alex, Gates stepped in and forcefully took over. He was then the hero of the scene as he restarted Alex’s heart and stabilised him which helped calm Sam down to less then screaming pitch levels.

In Omaha, Banfield got a call to say that a room had become available at a nearby hotel, but it’s only one room and there’s two of them… Morris gallantly told her to go ahead and said he’d stay at the airport, however, in the spirit of their new found kinship, Banfield insisted that she and Morris share the hotel room so they divided the bed down the middle with pillows.

ER Sam Tony

As the episode came towards the end, we saw Sam throwing water on her face and going to find Gates just as police officer approached them and told them that he was at the scene, and the accident could’ve been a lot worse, which wasn’t really that much of a comfort to Sam as Alex’s life hung in the balance…

As she went back in to see Alex, she apologised to Gates for what she’d said earlier however just then, Alex started to ‘crash’. The doctors all came running in and Simon had to cut Alex open to try to stop his heart from bleeding and the episode ended with Gates looking worriedly at Sam who in turn looks at Alex with tears in her eyes.

ER Tony Sam

Despite this being a pretty sad and cliffhangery episode, it was great to see a softer, even playful side to Banfield and she has a beautiful voice!

But I have to say, I’m seriously hoping they don’t let Alex die in next week’s Christmas episode…I need to make a note to buy in a bulk supply of tissues in case! Here’s a clip of next week’s show, ‘The High Holiday’

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