Red or Black? and Deal Or No Deal can continue says Gambling Commission

As you may recall, a few weeks ago we reported that the Gambling Commission was considering forcing ITV and Channel 4 to ditch game shows Red or Black? and Deal or No Deal due to the fact that no “skill” was required to win money.

Which of course, was and is utterly ridiculous, and it seems the Gambling Commission have done a U-turn and conceded that the shows can continue in their current format without the channels needing to purchase a gambling licence for their shows.

However, the Daily Mail reports, “The Commission has now decided not to take the matter further.”

A spokesperson from the organization told the paper, “We have been and are still consulting with relevant stake holders.

“We have decided that an advice note on this topic at this stage would not be the most appropriate way to help broadcasters and producers of television shows to comply with the Gambling Act.”

The rules of the Gambling Act 2005 state that all games which offer prizes – whether on TV or elsewhere – are required to have “an element of skill” in them, which of course, games of chance, such as Red or Black? and Deal or No Deal do not.

I’m glad common sense has, for once, prevailed in this case.

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