Red Or Black – JLS, Il Divo, Jenson Button, David Coulthard, Cesc Fàbregas, Robin Van Persie all on this week’s shows

by Lisa McGarry

The world’s biggest sporting heroes join the fun on ITV1’s Red and Black? on Monday night. Football greats Cesc Fàbregas and Robin Van Persie took on the ultimate penalty shoot out whilst Formula One stars Jenson Button and David Coulthard will be battling it out live in the studio.

Two footballing greats go head to head in the ultimate penalty shoot in tonight’s Red or Black?

Barcelona’s Cesc Fàbregas and Arsenal’s Robin Van Persie compete in the Wembley Arena challenge Strike Out.

The pair took it in turns to hit triangular shaped targets which were attached to the ‘Wheel of Death’.

As the wheel spins, the international players, one playing red and one for black, must hit the targets. The player to hit the most targets wins. But will it be Red or Black?

Two of Formula One’s biggest stars are hoping to take pole position live on Monday night’s Red Or Black? Racing legends Jenson Button and David Coulthard will pulling out all the stops in what will be a tense race which will determine one of the Red or Black? outcomes.

Trading their F1 sports cars for go-karts the pair will have to push a series of tyres, with their karts to score zones. Each zone is worth different points. With three tyres each, the driver with the most points at the end of the game wins…but will it be Red or Black?

In the depths of Taffs Well Quarry near Cardiff, a host of contestants all face an agonising wait to find out if they are still in with the chance to win a million pounds on Red or Black?

Hoping to win a coveted place on the live shows, the contestants first had to face four games at the unusual location. One of the challenges was called Tyre Tower and saw two giant hydraulic claws, controlled by two drivers, one playing for red and one black, who must stack the tyres one on top of the other, using the claws.

The first driver to stack all of the tyres in one upright tower will be declared the winner, but will it be Red or Black?

Hayley Midgley, 36, from Yeovil isn’t sure if she’s more excited about winning one million pounds or meeting her heroes Ant and Dec.

She said that she applied for two reasons. “I wanted to meet Ant and Dec. I had heard about the show and I thought I can do that. It means that I can’t look stupid. And secondly I thought that it was something that I could do. I thought, wow what a prize. Anything’s a bonus.”

However, Hayley says that £1 million will be useful to say the least. “Don’t get me wrong. I desperately need the money, the same as anyone I’d be devastated if I got as far as the last two and then the other person got through to spin the wheel.”

But it’s not the big spin that is keeping Hayley awake at night. She is more worried about her behaviour on live television if she were to get through from the location. “I’m so worried about falling over in my heels. I usually wear flats but I would have to make an effort. If I don’t win I’d obviously be disappointed. But I’m more nervous about the show being live. If I did anything wrong, they couldn’t edit it.”

Mother of two Hayley has also planned in case she wins the million. “I want to buy a chest freezer” she says. “I have to go shopping all of the time so what I would love to do is a monthly shop and put everything in the freezer. It would just be so easy. Of course I’d have to have a bigger house to put it in though” she adds.

She is grateful that her husband Brian, 40, will be with her if she makes it through to the studio stage. “He’s in the Royal Navy and he’s just got back from a ship in Libya so I’m so grateful to have him with me. We’ve got a deal if I win” she explains. “I want another child so he’s said that if I win, we can try for that – provided he can have two motorbikes! He’s away some of the time but he’s back at the moment and here to support me.”

And is that all for Hayley if she won. “Well I love handbags so I’d love a new one, and an iPad. And I’ve always wanted to go to the Monaco Grand Prix. I love Lewis Hamilton. With him would be great, but I’d settle for watching it from a yacht!”

As for strategy, Hayley plans to look for little signs to propel her to the final spin. I lost my mum a while ago and my sister and I always say if you see a little feather, then she’s with us. So I’m looking for tiny feathers and I’m hoping that one drops by. I will have a photograph of my children and mum with me to bring me luck.”

Christian Clee, 23, from Cardiff wants to win the million pound prize so that he and his girlfriend Jessica Borley, 24, can move in together. “We’ve been together for a few years now and we’d both love to get a house. I’ve also been studying a business degree so I’d really love to set myself up in business. It’s obviously not an easy time to start up and it would be a really good capital injection. I’d also give some away. One of my family has Alzheimer’s so I would give some to help that charity.”

If he were to win Red or Black?, it wouldn’t be Christian’s first win. He won the title Mr Wales in 2009. “I’ve applied for other game shows but Red or Black? felt exciting and different. I’m quite good at general knowledge so Millionaire would be good but I don’t know how I would perform under pressure.”

He’s had a strategy all along. “I downloaded an app for my phone and changed the outcomes to red or black. I also met a guy on location who said he’d had a vision as to what they colours would be. Everyone around him seemed to buy into it which helped. I went along with his decisions. I didn’t want to make the decision myself – it took it out of my own hands which felt better somehow.”

And if Christian were to make the studio shows, he has a lucky Euro to bring him good fortune. “I’ve had it for ages. It’s always in my wallet and seems to do the trick.”

“But if I don’t win, then I can’t complain”, said the aircraft engine parts buyer. “I’m healthy, I’ve got a lovely girlfriend and a job that I enjoy. I can’t complain.”

The chart topping operatic group Il Divo will be hoping they can help the contestants move closer towards that million pound prize when they take part in a surprise studio game. The group will be performing their new track ‘Melanconia’, from their album Wicked Game.

Wednesday night’s show will feature award winning pop group JLS who will be joining in the fun when they take part in a surprise studio game and performing their new single ‘She Makes Me Wanna’.

Red or Black? Monday 5th September at 8pm and 9.30pm on ITV1