Red Or Black results: Gary Upton loses out on £1 million

by Lisa McGarry

Gary Upton, a 24 year old engineer graduate from Nantwich, Cheshire, lost out on becoming the show’s fifth millionaire in the final show of ITV’s Red or Black? after choosing red.

After the ball ended up in black, newly wed Gary said: “It’s been an amazing experience, it will take a while to sink in.”

The show has made four millionaires during the week long run and it has been men all the way taking part in the final wheel spin.

During the show Gary said he had a dream about this moment. “I lost (in the dream) so tell your dreams and they won’t come true.”

Asked what he would do with the money, Gary said: “I would look around, chill out, relax, look at some new cars.”

Gary who is married to Sarah, guessed the right outcome in 9 different rounds throughout the show – starting in Wembley with thousands of other hopefuls and ending by choosing Red in the nail biting wheel spin.

During the show viewers saw TV’s favourite twins, Jedward competing against each other in Twinball. The pair, encased in two giant pin balls had to navigate a giant pin ball course. Edward was playing for red and John for red, but as they battled to gee through the giant flippers at the end of the course, John suffered a slight sprain to his ankle, whilst Edward completed the course making it a red win. And there was controversy on Coronation Street, when Michelle Keegan playing for red and Samia Smith playing for black went head to head in the game ‘Fit to Burst’. Each had three giant balloons, keeping their hands on the wheel at all times they had to turn the wheel to raise the balloon toward the giant pin at the top. Once burst they moved onto the next. A disappointed Michelle was disqualified for spinning the wheel and not keeping her hand on the handle. Samia won, making black the winning colour.

Two members of 3Run, a troupe of professional free runners took on the ultimate course. Sam Parham playing for red and Adam Brashaw for black had to complete three races. Each race contained seven jumps. Sam Parham was the first to win two races making this the winning colour and sending Kirsty Swann, Julie Hardman, Vikki Guy and Gary Upton through to the next round.

Next up were boyband One Direction with their first ever TV performance of debut single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. The band performed with 40 fans on stage all wearing red or black t-shirts, which were hidden underneath jackets. The fans had each been given a numbered ticket. At the end of the performance Harry picked a random ticket revealing the number 14. The fan with the matching number unzipped her jacket revealing she was wearing a black t-shirt making this the winning colour.

The penultimate game of the show Duel saw the remaining two contestants Gary and Vikki choosing different colours for the very first time. Vikki played for red and Gary for black. Split into eight equal sections, four of which were randomly programmed to light up red and the remaining four are black. The contestants took it in turns to select a section in the hope it lit up their colour. When it didn’t, it gave a point to the opponent. The first contestant to unveil all four of their coloured sections was Gary who then went through to the final and the Red or Black? wheel spin.

The contestants who competed tonight were, Ash Johnson a 20 year old accountancy assistant from Wallasey, Merseyside, Andy Taiwo a 22 year publican from Bingley West Yorkshire, Ben Hardman a 34 year old car salesman from Chorley Lancashire, Gary Upton a 24 year old engineer graduate from Nantwich Cheshire, Julie Hardman, a 42 year old crime scene cleaner from Warrington, Kevin Wilkie a 45 year old saleman from Filey, North Yorkshire, new mum Kirsty Swann 37 years old from Macclesfield and 31 year old housewife Vikki Guy from Wigan.

Each night, for one finalist it will all come down to the spin of the Red or Black? wheel. We have followed them as just a face in the crowd at Wembley Arena, from their nerve wracking decisions on locations, to the choices they have had to make live in the studio. As the lights dim and they walk towards the wheel, the question is asked for the final time, Red or Black?…but do they feel lucky?