Red Or Black Reuslts: Andy Morton loses £ 1million – Diversity lined up for tonight!

by Lisa McGarry

Viewers of ITV1’s Red or Black? saw Andy Morton a 26 year old accounts executive from Grinstead become the second contestant to lose out on a million after picking the wrong colour during the final round on Red or Black?

A disappointed Andy was comforted by his family but said to hosts Ant & Dec, “that’s the name of the game.”

During the show viewers saw the Face Team from Hungry take the Guinness World Record for the Longest Slam Dunk using a trampoline after completing a 7.5 metre jump (the previous record was 7.3m), and professional base Jumper Leo Houlding, took a giant leap off Thorpe Park’s biggest roller coaster ‘Stealth’ (which stands 62.5m or approximately 200 ft high).

With an exclusive UK performance, Fighting Gravity, the unique dance troupe took part in the first challenge. During their act, one ball was released into a vertical maze. At the bottom were red and black boxes. The ball was released and fell into the red box, making this the winning colour. After the performance the contestants each picked a box, hidden inside was either a red or black ball. If the ball inside their chosen box was red they went through to the next round. Adrienne Toft, Jackie Harvey, Andy Morton and Dan Scott all chose correctly.

Mobo and Brit Award winners JLS performed their current single ‘She Makes Me Wanna’ in a breath taking stage performance. At the end of the performance singer Ashton randomly selected one of the two boxes hanging above the stage, which revealed black as the winning colour.

The penultimate game of the show Duel saw the remaining two contestants Jackie and Andy choosing different colours for the very first time. Jackie played for red and Andy for black. Split into eight equal sections, four of which were randomly programmed to light up red and the remaining four are black. The contestants took it in turns to select a section in the hope it lit up their colour. When it didn’t it gave a point to the opponent. The first contestant to unveil all four of their coloured sections was Andy who then went through to the final and the Red or Black? wheel spin.

Tonight the contestants who competed were, Adrienne Toft a 45 year old support worker from Herne Bay, Ingrid Mees a 57 year old full time carer from Worthing, Jackie Harvey a 55 year old cashier from Lowestoft, Melissa Fox a 28 year old dance instructor from Lowestoft, Andy Morton a 26 year old accounts executive from Grinstead, Matt Westlake-Tritton a 21 year old factory production assistant from Worburn, Bucks and Dan Scott, 29 unemployed from Rotherham.

Each night, for one finalist it will all come down to the spin of the Red or Black? wheel. We have followed them as just a face in the crowd at Wembley Arena, from their nerve wracking decisions on locations, to the choices they have had to make live in the studio. As the lights dim and they walk towards the wheel, the question is asked for the final time, Red or Black?…but do they feel lucky?

Thursday night’s guests include, dance group Diversity who unveil an exclusive performance whilst English cricket legends Andrew Flintoff and Michael Vaughan will go head to head live in the studio.