Red Or Black – show one with Jedward and David Hasselhoff!

by Lisa McGarry

The brand new live TV event, Red or Black? kick starts this weekend. Hosted by award winning duo Ant & Dec, this show will unveil a host of spectacular and death defying stunts.

Over the course of a week, seven people will face a life-defining moment as they are offered the chance to walk away with one million pounds. To win, all they need is luck on their side and to successfully choose the correct outcome, Red or Black? Guess wrong and they walk away with nothing.

A bevy of professional stuntmen from motocross drivers to slack liners, embarked on a host of ambitious and yet terrifying challenges that they themselves had not attempted before.

Some of the sporting world’s biggest names are lined up to appear on Red or Black? and help win a £1 million per night for one lucky contestant. Sunday night’s show sees Amir and David going head to head in the ultimate boxing challenge.

And next week Formula One stars Jenson Button and David Coulthard will go head to head whilst former England Captains Michael Vaughan and Freddie Flintoff will perform a cricket themed stunt later in the week.

DANGEROUS LIASONS (including Motocross Limbo, Walk The Line, Overdrive, Twinball)

Red or Black? has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most dangerous programmes on television with the daredevil stunts that are used to generate the red or black answers, using some of the most adrenaline fuelled stuntmen in the world.

Motocross Limbo saw two professional riders, Samson Easton, 22 and Fredrik Breggren, 34 faced the biggest challenge of their careers as they attempt to limbo, whilst on their motorbikes, over 19 feet above the ground in London’s Wembley Arena.

The riders put their necks on the line, quite literally, when they embark on one of their most dangerous stunts.

Viewers will be able to witness their spectacular ‘Motocross Limbo’ challenge on Saturday night’s show. The professional riders admit they have never performed this high pressured challenge before.

Samson said, “Motocross limbo has never been performed anywhere else in the world to my knowledge, so Red or Black was the first for this. However Motocross ‘High jump’ has been done many time before at competitions around the world.”

He continued, “I get nervous each time I get on my bike to ride freestyle but performing ‘Motocross Limbo’ was scary as hell. Fredrik said to me “dude I’m nervous” and he generally doesn’t get nervous about anything! The danger level had been raised with the wall obstructing the view of the landing. It could go wrong, I could crash. It could hurt. I could end up in hospital. Or I could be in a hot tub with all the chicks later!”

Whilst Fredrik added, “It’s a big deal, we both want to win. There’s a lot at stake!”

The pair had to squeeze through an increasingly smaller gap whilst on their bikes. If a rider hits the polystyrene, the wall will break away and they will have failed their attempt.

Samson’s skills as a rider have been snapped up by Hollywood appearing the recent Captain America film playing one of the evil H.Y.D.R.A bikers but the skilled rider admitted it was the stunt at Wembley that’s the most challenging!

Samson said, “Learning how to back flip is pretty up there with the most difficult things I’ve done on a motocross bike, but the motocross limbo was the most challenging for sure! Fredrik’s really competitive and I’m pretty competitive so we were genuinely trying to beat each other which made it so much fun!”

Twins John and Edward faced separation for the first time as they embarked on a difficult challenge at Wembley Arena, resulting in injury for one of them.

The challenge proved extremely tough for the pair with John spraining his ankle in his desperate attempt to beat his brother.

The challenge saw the pair encased in two giant orbs, as they attempted to manoeuvre their way around a giant pinball machine recreated in the arena. The first to finish the pinball course at the bottom of the arena won.
John, playing for Black said “For Twinball you need twins, and what better twins to get than me and Edward?”

Talking to his brother Edward, playing for Red he continues, “I’m feeling so lucky, I’m like a leprechaun. I’m so lucky right now, that I have a rainbow coming out of my hair!”

Edward retorted, “There are going to be things banging the hell out of you – you’re a pinball! You are a ball!”

After the game, Edward revealed, “John kind of like, hurt his leg.” He then joked, “Because he wants to be all dramatic – he’s getting ready for The Oscars!”

But continued, “No, he actually hurt his leg. It’s so weird, I was like “What happened to John?”

John added, “I was like, I can do this, I can do this. And then out of nowhere I see Edward to my left coming up behind me, and then I just got hit with the digger and I just got like, smashed. I was like, Oh my god!”

Professional slackliners Alun Freem, 20 and Phil Baxter, 24 admit that their impressive highline walk at Eastnor was the highest and longest they had attempted.

Their nerves were heightened as they never normally complete their challenge in front of a watching crowd.

Alun admitted, “It was the highest and longest highline I had walked but there was the also the additional unknown with the crowd. This was something I’d never tried before, normally I slack line in a small group or by myself in natural settings. Highlines can be dangerous but are perfectly safe as long as you know you’re doing!”

Phil agreed, “What was particularly different as well was the psychological aspect of handling stage fright when performing in front of a huge crowd!”

The pair took extra precautions for this difficult stunt, working with professional riggers who ensured the pair had all their safety procedures in place but it was the nerves that were most difficult to control.

Phil said, “I was more nervous because contestants were there watching!”

Alun added, “I mentally prepared myself for a walk in front of hundreds of people, some of whom had money riding on me!”

Professional stuntman Christian Hoptrough expressed his nerves ahead of his challenge at Wembley, “It can be dangerous, obviously we’re going along on a moving car. If we come off the front at the same time, there’s always the possibility of us getting run over or being dragged!”

The challenge held at Wembley Arena saw Christian joined by stunt colleague Gary Knight (one dressed in red, one in black) attempt an extraordinary hurdling challenge conducted on the roof of moving cars. The hurdles range in size (1.5 metres and 2 metres) some they will have to jump over whilst others they will have to duck under.

However, Christian’s colleague Gary only has one thing on his mind, winning! He admitted, “I’m only nervous to get clean out of the barriers, and beat Christian!”


Angel McKenzie, 33, lives in South East London and has previously appeared in the 2009 series of Big Brother.

A professional boxer by trade, Angel has employed techniques that she uses in the ring to control her nerves and has put herself under a self imposed sex ban! She also claims that she can ‘smell’ the colours and will use this strategy to propel her to success to win the million.

She says “I feel great, confident but nervous. As a professional boxer, I can control my nerves. My trick is not to show my nerves but inside a volcano is awakening. But you must not show this to your opponents. I’m trying not to eat much in preparation. I’m focussing. No sex and alcohol before a fight. You need to concentrate – but also entertain.”

I like to entertain people. When I go into the ring I entertain. I want people to smile and feel good. Life can be so boring so I want to entertain and prove that miracles and good things can happen. I want to tell people not to give up – something good might be around the corner!”

And Angel remains upbeat if she doesn’t win the million. She explains “Life goes on. You have to take it and keep moving. My friends are with me in the audience and will be supporting me”.

So what will she do with £1 million if she were to win? “I want to make a movie. I’ve got a script. Its about a female boxer. It’s based on a real event that happened to me. I want to help put female boxing on the map. There are only 12 professional female boxers in the country of which I am one. It is great that female boxing is being part of the Olympics next year. I’ve met a lot of girls who want to do it but can’t.”

Angel has an interesting strategy which she intends to use to help her to victory. “I’m an artist. For me, the world divides into colours and shapes. I can’t play the lottery which is about numbers and geometry. I’m thinking the programme is good for artists and painters. I’m hoping that I can smell the colour!”

I’ve won titles in my boxing before but life is full of ups and downs. When I fight here, I am winning. You win as yourself for appearing on this earth as a human. Life is very short!”

And in case Angel’s strategy of smelling the colours doesn’t work, she has a lucky charm of a rabbit toy which she hopes will bring her good fortune. “I’ll have him with me. He’s called Schnizel and he brings me luck. He’s always with me”.

Kim Botton, 26 from London was thrilled to have made it through to Battersea for Red or Black? but it was a £20 win on a scratch card that helped her on her way.

The mum of one admitted that she didn’t have the funds to get the iconic London location so decided to by the ticket.

She said, “I’ve never really won anything before but did win £20 on a scratch card a couple of days before I was due to travel to Battersea. I had zero money to get there!

The business development manager admits she had never applied to talk part in a TV show before but felt Red or Black? ‘seemed like fun’. She admitted that the pull of potentially winning a million pounds was a big draw and would enable her to buy a new house.

Kim who lives with partner Gary, 26 and 18 month old daughter Autumn said, “The chance to win a million was definitely an incentive. I’d be able to set my daughter up for life and buy a brand new house. From the moment I’d arrived at Wembley I had spent the money in my head.”

Kim admits that she arrived at Battersea with a strategy. She has put the colours into a specific order, which she says was easy to remember because “red, black, red, red, black, I sang it in my head, it made a nice song!”

She is also hoping her lucky paper clip, given to her by a colleague at work will help her get through the rounds at Battersea. Kim revealed that her colleague was returning the favour after she jokingly decided to give him a paper clip to calm him nerves during a presentation. Mark, revealed that it worked as the presentation went so well they won the account. He returned the favour when he heard she was going to be taking part in Red or Black? Kim said, “It was a little joke I made up to help my colleague Mark get over his nerves. It must of worked as the presentation went well and we won the account! When I told him I was heading to Wembley to take part in Red or Black? he decided to do the same and gave me a lucky paper clip. Fingers crossed it works for me too!”

Deanne Bisson, 31 from London was hoping her luck would hold out so she could treat her new husband, Leon who is 32 to a honeymoon.

Recently married, the newly weds couldn’t afford to pay for a trip away after the wedding and hoped her luck would last at Battersea.

The unemployed mum of three said, “If I won a million pounds it would be life changing for me and my family. I have three children (Renee 15, Kodi, 5 and Keon 1) we are all just stuck in flat, and it would be lovely to buy a house with a garden so the little ones have somewhere to run around. I got married two weeks to Leon and we couldn’t afford a honeymoon. It would be lovely to maybe go somewhere that I know I would never be able to afford like Maldives.”

She continued, “At Wembley a number of the other contestants said they had a strategy but I decided to go with a gut feeling instead. This is what I always do when I have to make difficult decisions.”

Sunday night’s show will feature some of the entertainment world’s biggest names as they help make millionaires in Red or Black.

The Red Or Black stage will play host to two of boxing’s biggest names on Sunday night (ITV1). WBA World Light Welterweight champion Amir Khan and former WBA World Heavyweight Champion David Haye will slug it out to determine the result of one of the stunts on Red or Black. But instead of sluopping it out in the rig, the two professional boxers will have to punch their way thorough cardboard screens – and instead of winning a medal, they will be playing for either red or black, putting some lucky contestants one step closer to Sunday night’s million pound prize.

Sunday night’s show will also feature Pixie Lott who will ‘pick a Pixie’. During a stunning performance, the pop princess will perform with four hologram images of herself so the Red or Black stage will play host to not just one Pixie but five! During her routine, Pixie will also pick a colour – red or black – propelling those lucky contesants who chose that colour correctly one step nearer to £1 million.