Reg Holdsworth To Return To Coronation Street?

Actor Ken Morley has said that he would like to return to ‘Coronation Street’ some day.

65 year old Morley played Reg Holdsworth in Corrie for five years and also popped up as a Manager for a Wine and Beer Warehouse in Calais, France in a later Coronation Street Special.

According to the Press Association, Morley said of a possible return: “Yes, if there’s room for a 65-year-old good-looking fella, why not?”

Explaining Reg’s departure, he said: “He went off to the east to look after a fish factory.”

“The last time they saw him, he was in Calais trying to run off with the manager’s wife. Unspeakable behaviour.”

Speaking about his time on the soap, Morley said: “Yes, I had a great time there.”

“I was only there for five years. It seemed a lot longer but I was there for five years.”

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