Reggie Yates hates the new Vivienne Westwood 2011 BRIT award

by Lisa McGarry

Reggie Yates has admitted that he detests the ‘ridiculous’ new Brit Award trophy.

Brit bosses have decided to create a brand new award each year and the 2011 bespoke statue has been styled by influential British fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood.

Radio 1 DJ Reggie isn’t a fan and in his column for Zoo magazine insisted that the trophy should always remain the same.

He said: “They look ridiculous and it has really annoyed me. Why have they changed them? They’re supposed to look the same every year, that’s the point. It looks like a toy or a candle, a flamboyant candle, and they’re p*ssing me off. If Tinie walks away with two or three and he puts them on his shelf, people will be like, “What’s that?””

However BRITs Chairman David Joseph defended the new design, saying:

“Vivienne stands for all the things we want to inspire in tomorrow’s generation of artists. She continues to be unique, innovative not to mention massively inspired by music and vice versa. We are honoured she accepted our offer of designing 2011’s trophy.”

Speaking about Tinie Tempah, Reggie admittedt that he will be gutted of he doesn’t win at least two awards on the night. He said:

“I’m frustrated for him. I think he deserves to win all the categories he’s in. You could say that I’m just being biased, but I think I’m right. He definitely deserves to win Best Male because he had the biggest single. But Plan B’s going to win it over him. It will be frustrating. I’d like to see Tinie walk away with at least two gongs.”

This week’s ZOO Magazine is on sale now (Tuesday).

The Brit Awards will be staged at the O2 in London on Tuesday 15th February and will be broadcast live on ITV1 at 8pm.