REJOICE! Singer’s Labrinth and Taylor Swift confirm plans for their new music!

by Martin
Labrinth is back!

Labrinth is back!

It’s always an exciting time when new bands or artists confirm they’re working on new music, especially if their most recent work has been a massive success.

For both Labrinth and American songstress Taylor Swift the thought of new tunes is getting us a little giddy as their last albums were both really good.

The Sun have reported today that Labrinth, who is known for the hits ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ and ‘Earthquake’ is making his comeback.

Labrinth, who is signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco is back with his new single ‘Let It Be’ and if you’re upset at his recent absence then apparently it’s all Mr Cowell’s fault.

The newspaper are reporting that after Labrinth had trouble following up his chart topping hit ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ Mr Nasty told him to “go and have fun”.

Labrinth has said that he got into a state of panic because he didn’t have anything planned and after meeting with Cowell in St Tropez he was told to “have fun and do what you love. Even if it takes three years, make an amazing album”.

‘Let It Be’ is what he’s been producing ever since and Labrinth has been working incredibly hard, he even went three days in the studio with no sleep whatsoever, was it worth it? Listen here.

Taylor Swift Shake it Off

Taylor Swift has also confirmed plans to return with a new album – the follow-up to ‘Red’ – later in the year.

Plans for the beauty and her next release had been kept top secret until last night (18th August) but we know the album will be called ‘1989’ – the year she was born.

Swift also released the official music video for her new single ‘Shake it Off’ so that fans wouldn’t have to wait too long to hear some new material.

In the video Taylor can be seen dancing in various styles and a variety of different outfits, could she be mocking those who criticise her for her dancing? She really doesn’t care!

If ‘1989’ is anything like ‘Red’ then we’re in for a massive treat. Listen to ‘Shake it Off’ below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.