Revenge renewed for season 3 – Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson) predicts bad things for season 2 finale (SPOILERS)


ABC confirmed this week that they will be renewing Revenge for a third season, which is great news for fans tuning in for the season two dramatic finale this evening.

The Madeline Stowe led series has proved a huge hit for the channel, both in the US and in foreign markets, so it seems like the wise decision. They also confirmed that Grey’s Anatomy will be back for a tenth run, hopefully McDreamy will stay in the lineup and it wasn’t surprising to hear that Modern Family will also be back for it’s fifth season.

Castle has been granted at least one more season, while Once Upon a Time and Scandal got a third season, and Nashville will run for it’s second season later this year.

Back to the Emily Vancamp soap though and the season finale is set to air tonight in the states.

We have a brilliant and very spoilerific article all about the episode here if you’re interested and in a new interview leading man Henry Czerny has revealed that fans shouldn’t expect Conrad to see the light any time soon.


Conrad Grayson is right, bang, in the middle of a few dramatic storylines right now. He’s still very much a target of Emily Thorne and to help her carry out her ultimate revenge against his family, she is set to get hitched to Conrad’s son Daniel (Joshua Bowman). She’s supportive of her new hubby’s plan to lift his money out of the family business and move to France. All the while, Grayson senior is running for governor of New York and the campaign has been getting dirtier with every episode. His wife Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) isn’t making things easy on him either, as she’s upset with him again and when Vic’s annoyed bad things happen!

Henry teased the finale telling Assignmenttx:

“Someone will be in the hospital, somebody will be marrying somebody, somebody will be hating somebody, somebody will be going to bed with the wrong person, much like life, if you look closely at it.”


Czerny thinks that all the challenges and difficult situations ahead of Conrad will not make him look closely at his role in the trouble. If anything he thinks the opposite will be true and explained:

“I think he gets deeper and deeper into his default behavior and I think the revelation to himself about his behavior is a long way off. I think the harder things get, the more manic he becomes, the more successful he becomes in response to imminent demise.”

Henry finds the role continuously challenging and continued:

“The trickiest thing about playing Conrad Grayson is his inability to recognize the damaging – the collateral damage that he effects in pursuit of protection/survival.”

If you want to know more about the explosion, the heartache and the drama ahead on tonight’s episode of Revenge then check out out article here.

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