Revenge season 3: Brand new cast promotional pictures unveiled

by Nick Barnes


A series of brand new cast promotional posters for the forthcoming third season of Revenge have been unveiled.

The promotional photos feature the likes of Emily, Nolan, Daniel, Charlotte and Aiden. One thing that strikes you about the photos this season is that they do look very classy compared to some of the rubbish pictures ABC has put out recently.

Emily is seen dressed in a figure-hugging silver dress, which is something that you’d wear out for a big event. Although, some of them aren’t as glammed up as the others as Aiden and Jack’s photos don’t appear to be as classy as say Charlotte and Victoria’s.

Meanwhile, in other Revenge news, it has been revealed that Nolan will be getting a new love interest in the forthcoming season.


The tech whiz is of course behind bars at the moment, so how will love come around for him?

Speaking to E! News recently, he said: “I can’t tell you who, but you’re going to meet someone very early in the season that I will be getting very close to. I think Twitter is going to explode”.

What makes things even more mysterious and a tad exciting is that Nolan is bisexual so we can’t even take a stab in the dark and begin to guess at who could be gracing our screens.

In more Revenge-related news for the forthcoming third season of it show, it has been announced that Justin Hartley will play the role of Victoria Grayson’s long lost son.

Hartley will play the pivotal role of Patrick who appeared at the Grayson’s doorstep in the second season finale, but we never saw his face – and now, we finally have a face and a name to the character.


Victoria gave birth to Patrick when she was 16 and he was put up for adoption shortly after at the age of six months old as Victoria wanted to attend an art school in Paris. Curiosity killed the cat and Patrick came knocking looking for his mother, but the Grayson matriarch paid him $5 million to disappear and never come back.

Hartley will appear in a multiple episode arc and will make his debut on the ABC drama this fall when the show returns for its third season.


The arrival of Hartley’s character will fill the void of Connor Paolo’s Declan Porter who was killed off at the end of the second season.

Revenge returns on Sunday, September 29 on ABC.

Check out the full set of cast promo images, below: