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Yet again confusion reigns but this was another awesome episode! It began with Sawyer trying to get John out of the well in which he seemed to be buried alive, but as they were all deliberating this, Miles noticed a giant statue in the distance. Unfortunately, we didn’t see how many toes it had, but I think we could assume it was four!


Then John Locke pushed the wheel and there was another time jump, only this one was more like an earthquake. After this flash, the well had been built but was filled in, but Miles and Juliet were just glad their headaches and nosebleeds had stopped! Juliet suspected that John saved them and that the ‘time jumps’ were over…

Then we flashed forward by three years, but three years later on from when exactly? Well, as it turned out, it was three years on from 1977, and we then saw two Dharma staff dancing in a station and generally having fun until they saw Horace Goodspeed on the monitor, drunk and blowing up trees with dynamite… as you do. At that point, another Dharma agent arrived and said that they had to tell ‘LaFleur’.

The two then went to a house, knocked on the door and we saw who LaFleur was… Sawyer! And he was apparently an important dude in the Dharma Initiative too! So he begrudgingly got dressed and rounded up a very drunk Horace and took him home to wife Amy, who was heavily pregnant and went into labour as Sawyer plonked Horace on the sofa unconscious. Amy told Sawyer that she and Horace had had a fight “about Paul” who it later turned out was her first husband and who was killed by The Others.

It was at this point that I lost the plot… literally. I had no clue what was going on!

Suddenly the names of Dharma people are being bandied about, Sawyer’s a Dharma employee named Jim LaFleur and we’re jumping between two different times only they’re both in the seventies!

Lost juliet and daniel

We’re now in 1974; Sawyer, Juliet and Miles find Faraday, who’s a snivelling wreck since Charlotte not only died, but her body vanished in the last flash. Sawyer doesn’t have much time to sympathise though as he moves to rescue a woman who’s being attacked by two men. Sawyer and Juliet go to help and Juliet takes no time shooting the men who won’t drop their guns when ordered to by Sawyer.

Lost Amy

They then take the bag off the woman’s head and it’s Amy, before she was with Horace and when she was with Paul who’s now lying dead on the ground having been shot by the Others.

When she quizzes them about who they are, Sawyer lies and says they were shipwrecked on the Island en route to Tahiti. Amy then takes them to her camp – as they’re carrying Paul’s body – but Juliet orders everyone to stop when they come to the security fence because Juliet reckons it looks like a “sonic fence” however, Amy presses some buttons and walks through safely so the survivors follow, but the sonic fence is still on and our Losties pass out. Amy doesn’t because she had ear plugs in…

la fleur lost 1

Now to 1977 when Amy’s in labour and needs a Caesarian section. Unfortunately the Dharma doctor doesn’t know how to do one, so LaFleur goes to find Juliet, who’s working as a mechanic in the Dharma garage. Juliet tells Sawyer that every child she’s tried to deliver on the island has died, but agrees to do it anyway.

Next, Sawyer meets up with Jin outside and we learn Jin’s working on finding their fellow survivors. While Sawyer and Jin are talking about this, Juliet comes out and announces that Amy’s had a healthy baby boy. I’m dying to know the name of this baby! He’s just about got to be someone we know!

Back to 1974 and Horace interrogates Sawyer, who adds detail to the lie saying that he, Jim Lafleur, was the captain of a party looking for the historic Black Rock slave ship wreck.

lost horace sawyer

Horace doesn’t seem to believe him so he says they’re sending him and his people back to the mainland in a submarine the next day. However, seeing as Sawyer et al are waiting for the other survivors to turn up, he doesn’t want to go…

Outside, Jin, Faraday, Miles and Juliet are all confused and generally freaked out by everything that’s going on. Juliet told the others about the back-story to the Dharma Initiative, the Hostiles and the ‘Purge’.

lost charlotte?

Faraday then sees a red-headed little girl and instantly thinks it’s Charlotte, bless him.

Everyone’s then on red alert as the alarms go off and we see Richard Alpert showing up and he just walks through the sonic fence; maybe he’s immune to it or something?

lost richard

Alpert demands to know what happened to his two men – the ones Juliet and Sawyer saw off – and asks Horace if this means “the truce is over”. Sawyer interjects and says he killed the men so it wasn’t Horace’s doing, therefore the ‘truce’ should remain.

Outside, Sawyer asks Alpert about the H-bomb and John Locke, which sufficiently convinces Alpert that his men weren’t killed by Dharma folks and intrigues him as to who the doohickley Sawyer is. However, to keep the peace with ‘his people’, Alpert says he needs Paul’s body, so Sawyer ask Amy about it and she agrees – in order to maintain the truce – but only after taking Paul’s wooden cross necklace from around his neck.

That night, Sawyer meets Juliet who admits she intends to take Horace up on his offer of a lift ‘home’ on the sub but Sawyer implores her to stay for another two weeks, just in case they can find their friends, to which she reluctantly agrees.

lost sawyer and juliet

Off to 1977 and as Sawyer walks home, he picks a flower. He goes inside a house where Juliet has made supper for them both. They share a kiss, and it looks like they’re living a happy, domesticated life inside the Dharma camp.

Sawyer also pays a visit to Horace to inform him he’s a daddy and that he missed the whole shebang while he was out cold. Horace explains that the fight was because Amy still has Paul’s necklace – three years after his death – and Horace isn’t sure if this means she’s still not over him. To this end, he asks Sawyer if three years is really long enough to get over someone… a touchy subject for Sawyer given it’s been three years since he last saw Freckles, aka Kate, but he’s now clearly in love with Juliet, so he replies that yes, it is long enough.

lost sawyer

Sawyer’s conviction about the three years thing was about to be tested when the next morning, he’s woken by a call from Jin who summons him immediately if not sooner to the North valley and sees just what the urgency is about…

As Sawyer pulls up and steps out of his van, Hurley, Jack and Kate step out of Jin’s! What an epic ending to an epic episode! Here’s a clip of this awesome ending…

So let’s take a look at some of the major points of last night’s episode…

Four-Toed Statue

Miles noticed this giant statue and based on its proximity to the water; this is almost definitely the same four-toed statue we first saw at the end of season 2


lost horus

The giant statue could be Horus, an Egyptian God who represents ‘power’. It’s probably no coincidence that his name is a homophone – that is, two words spelled differently but which sound the some – for Horace.

lost ankh


Paul’s necklace was an ankh which is an ancient Egyptian symbol that is also seen in the hands of Horus, the four-toed statue.


According to Egyptian mythology, Horus’s main adversary was a God named Seth and in the Bible, Seth is the father of Enos, and Enos was the pseudonym previously used by Miles.

Tahiti and the Black Rock

Sawyer’s lie about how he and the others came to be on the Island features details from other people’s real stories. Being caught in a storm after leaving Tahiti is what happened to Rousseau and her team. Likewise, the excuse of searching for the Black Rock was the cover story those on Widmore’s ship – the one that discovered the fake Oceanic 815 wreckage – used, but Sawyer couldn’t have known about that.


Daniel thought the little red-headed girl in the Dharma camp was Charlotte however, this scene took place in 1974, but Charlotte wasn’t born until 1979. So either Charlotte lied about her date of birth or Daniel was mistaken and the child was Annie.

So what questions are we left with?

  • What’s the significance of the giant statue?
  • What happened to the statue that means only one foot is all that’s left of it in the future?
  • Why did Amy and her son survive the birth when all other mums and babies didn’t?
  • What’s the nature of the truce between the Dharma folks and The Others?
  • Why were Richard’s people so evil to the picnicking Amy and Paul?
  • Where or when are Rose, Bernard, and the other survivors?
  • What is the significance of Paul’s ankh necklace?
  • How come Jack, Kate, and Hurley returned to 1977?
  • Why wasn’t Richard zapped by the Sonic fence?
  • Why did The Others want Paul’s body?
  • Just who is the red-headed little girl Daniel thinks is Charlotte?
  • Who will Amy and Horace’s baby boy turn out to be?
  • Did Sawyer and the others come across the young Ben while they were playing at being Dharma employees, and if so, did they interact with him?

Eeeee it’s a right to do!

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Namaste’ and here are a couple of clips for and about it…

First, here’s a compilation of promo pics from Namaste…

And here’s ABC’s trailer promo…

Bring it on!!

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