Ricky Gervais is at it again – this time bringing famine, death and religion into it!

by Lynn Connolly

Ricky Gervais seems hell bent on saying ‘shocking’ things, for what end I can only imagine, but the main theory that springs to mind is that it’s designed to keep his name in the press.

His latest remarks were via Twitter, a medium he favours for his spewing forth his unfunny remarks, where yesterday, he claimed that Jesus “starved little children” so they would be “thin in heaven.”

The full tweet reads, “If Jesus loves the little children then why does he let them starve? Because he wants them all thin in heaven. Duh!”

And of course, a barrage of complaints from his followers ensued, to which his response was to say that he was being “satirical” before adding, “Jesus doesn’t exist.”

Previously, Gervais has of course courted controversy by using the word “mong” and has penned a comedy, Life’s Too Short, which stars Warwick Davies, who was born with dwarfism.

And in a stand-up routine in 2007, when asked how a person could become famous, Ricky replied, “Go kill a prostitute” and added, “I won’t do that bit in Ipswich”, referring of course to the case of serial killer Steve Wright, who murdered five prostitutes.

But to return to the Twitter debacle, Gervais later added, “I don’t believe in ANY god because it’s irrational, without basis and mental.

“But it’s EVERYONE’S right to believe what they want.”

The Rev Michael Clarke, from Banbury, Oxon, responded, “Why he feels the need to take a pop at the weakest in society is beyond me.”

And a former fan of Ricky’s, Julia Marshall, said: “Ricky was funny once but he just isn’t any more.

“He keeps trotting out these so-called shocking comments to get a cheap laugh.”

Ricky’s fellow comics Sean Lock and Richard Herring recently slammed him for his attention seeking ‘shock’ tactics, and unsurprisingly, his comments about Jesus and starving kids have angered Christian groups.

What do you think? Are we prone to taking things too seriously in our society? Or is Ricky deliberately being provocative to keep himself in the headlines?


Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.